8 reasons why solar energy is a smart investment 


Despite the recent setbacks for renewable energy developers such as Yungli Green Energy and Sun Edison, the future of solar power is only set to get brighter. Everywhere around the world solar power is competing against fossil fuels. As a result, solar energy presents a tremendous opportunity for investors. Interested in planning your investment in solar energy? Well, there are a few important things you must know. 

Here are eight reasons why solar power is a smart investment. 

1. Potential for solar 

Imagine this; the electricity industry earns about $2 trillion a year, which the solar industry as just as a fraction of that. However, that is all about to change. According to the International Energy Agency, they predict that solar energy will take account for over two-thirds of electricity capacity between the years 2016 to 2020. 

2. Clean Energy is actually cost-effective 

Most people assume that renewable power is costly. However, clean power systems are quite cheaper. Choosing the right conditions in investment will mean that there are many places to find the solar energy that makes it worth the value of the price. 

Aside from subsidies, home and business owners buy solar panels for their property as this makes perfect sense financially. Today, you can purchase solar panels for far cheaper prices than what they were first priced at in the beginning. Also, solar technology systems are not restricted to rooftops. There are new products such as roof tiles which are becoming popular in demand at a lower price of installment and maintenance. 

3. Germany, Denmark, and South Africa are great role models for renewable energy 

As Germany and Denmark have played an influential role in renewable energy, these countries also have grown a diverse base. Denmark has provided the rights that will allow communities to invest and profit from solar power programs. Germany has developed over 800 renewable energy co-ops. Meanwhile, in South Africa, is it their government that has received the best value with simple strategies that are effective. The increase in solar power development has improved sustainable local job that compliments the major goals of the country. 

4. Social Media 

The availability of broadband will enable the use of smart energy due to large amounts of details and information that requires energy to work sufficiently. Smart technology will have the power to control various household appliances as well as monitor their power usages to fit the needs of their clients. Social media is also said to carry the potential and raise awareness to build acceptable of modern technology. 

5. Major Return Rate 

Another reason why you should invest in renewable energy is because of the high level of return you will receive in the next years to come. This is partially due to the increase in targets of installation as many countries that include China, Australia, United States, Japan, Germany, Denmark, India, and more. The average rate of sustainable energy equipment is currently reaching 8% and is expected to rise in higher levels within the next decade. 

6. Return in Stability 

Investing in solar power stocks is an excellent way to invest as renewable energy is easily reliable just as it is predictable. Project returns will remain stable; however, there may be dependable rise and declines. The government subsidies and incentives are also set to increase steadily. However, the concerns of reliability are raised. Due to the competition, the price for electricity may increase, and ultimately boost the earning for solar energy companies involved. 

7. Developed countries could increase innovation 

As more emerging markets slowly beginning to appear, the more we will see the progress of change as mobile technology is the most used technique that anything else. Modern changes will allow renewable energy to soar as systems will enable you to “pay-as-you-go” and use daily consumption. 

8. Uncertain policies are the largest obstacle in solar investments 

While Governments are lacking in leading the path towards renewable energy, the main debate has become too politicized due to the lack of policies. This may be due to the tax relief that stems from fossil fuel subsidies as well as changes to incentives of renewable energy. Politicians are often found listening to the wrong group of people, which has led to the rise in interest in reducing the growth of renewables as the majority of the population is already voting for clean energy. 

Are you planning on investing in solar energy? Worried about your investments? While there is still a way to go, the levels of development and affordability have helped clean energy because of a great opportunity for investment.