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s2Solar Mio is looking for writers with experience in solar technology. Here at Solar Mio, we talk about solar tech, sustainability, manufacturers, global solar trends, influences, latest updates, productions, tools, and issues that impact the solar market.

If you’re interested in writing for us, please feel free to send us your resume, samples and pitch us your ideas on what you may be interested in writing.

Here at Solar Mio, we welcome targeted, relevant, and useful information for our pitches and press releases for the global audience looking for more information on solar technology.

Upon submission, please include helpful resources and visuals to explain your topic. Once the pitch of your topic has been approved, please ensure that the content is grammatically correct and error free.

Here’s what we look for:

  • Original content that is relevant to our website
  • Content that is not printed or submitted on any other site
  • Content that is well-written and self-edited
  • Content that is reader-friendly and engaging
  • Written for an audience of consumers, manufacturers, and solar enthusiasts
  • Articles must be supported with a convincing argument with checked facts and sources given when appropriate.

Here’s what we publish:

  • Articles – 500-1,500 words

Reports are expected to be written in a casual tone.

  • Featured Content – 750 – 2,500 words

Featured content includes editorial reviews with rigorous content

Due to a number of submissions we receive weekly, Solar Mio will content you within an estimated time of two weeks if we are interested in the presentation.