Best Wireless Flood Lights

Written by John Ho on November 27, 2020
Best Wireless Flood Lights

Your outdoor area around the house has the same importance for the security and safety of the home. Lighting up the outdoor space will save you from tripping on a dark driveway while coming home late at night. Simultaneously, you cannot afford to illuminate the whole area throughout the night, making an extra burden on your electricity bill. Using wireless motion-activated floodlights is an innovative option to achieve all these features in a single product.

Wireless floodlights have motion-activated features, and they turn on only when they detect movements in the range of their motion sensor. They remain on for a pre-defined time before going to low brightness mode or turn-off. It is an advantageous feature in these floodlights for you to make intruders and thieves remain away from your house at night.

Some smart floodlights are capable of connecting to the smart home system of the house. When they detect any movement in their range, they turn on the light and send a notification to your phone or other smart devices. You can also set a trigger from the floodlight to rotate the security camera to the detected area.  It will help you record the events happening when someone is trying to enter your house without permission.

Many floodlights coming with solar panel modules do not need you to change the batteries as they are self-sufficient and charge the batteries via solar energy. They also have the capability to offer you a longer backup time compared to the products relying on batteries.

Main Features of Wireless Flood Lights

While buying the wireless floodlights from the online stores, you need to look into their features in more detail than a market because you cannot physically inspect its quality. I have compiled some vital factors and features you should keep in mind while selecting a wireless floodlight for your needs.

Battery Capacity and Backup Time

These wireless floodlights turn on after movement detection near them. Hence, they do not need large battery capacities compared to other outdoor solar lights. In contrast, they have more LEDs inside their lamps to cover more area and brightness for security purposes. Due to this reason, they should have a reasonable battery size. The backup time also depends on the ON time of the floodlight after motion sensing in the range. If you set the time to a longer duration, it will drain out more battery, decreasing the floodlight's overall backup time.

Movement Detection Range

The motion detection range of these floodlights is between 10 feet and 40 feet. Some floodlights provide you an option to adjust the detection range according to your needs. You can also change the motion sensor's sensitivity to avoid turning on the floodlight even after a small wild animal's movement.

Solar Panel Availability for Battery Charging

Many wireless floodlights do not offer the facility of a solar panel for the charging of the battery. They rely entirely on the battery backup and need battery replacement when you notice low brightness in the floodlight. Battery replacement task is a headache for many people, and they do not like these kinds of wireless floodlights. These floodlights are suitable for places where you cannot access direct sunlight for solar panels to charge the batteries.

There are many wireless solar floodlights available in the market, offering an optional solar panel. They come with some extra wire to install the solar panel in a location where it can get direct sunlight to charge the battery. These are the most suitable option for the floodlights installed in the outdoor area where sufficient direct sunlight is available.

Connectivity to Smart Home Devices

Modern wireless floodlights are providing options for connecting them to smart home devices. You can make groups of many floodlights and can operate them with voice-activated commands from inside the house. It helps you control all the wireless floodlights from a phone app. You can change the brightness, motion-sensing range, and the turn off time after movement detection. You can also control them from the Google assistant, Alexa.

LED Lamp Angle Adjustment

Wireless floodlights are mostly available in dual-heal lamp style that is movable to adjust the angle for covering the desired area. You can focus on the main door, wall, walkway, or driveway when a movement is detected. Angle adjustments are mostly in the range of 180 degrees and provide you a wide range of more area coverage.

Best Wireless Flood Lights Reviews

To ease you choose the best available wireless floodlight, I compiled a list of them and giving you my reviewing comments about their overall built quality, features, and options available in them.

Ring Smart Flood Light

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Key Features

  • Works wirelessly with Alexa
  • A high beam of 600-lumen flood light
  • Approximate one year of battery life

Key Specifications

  • 600 Lumens, 3500 K color temperature
  • Adjustable motion detection up to 180 degree
  • Flexible auto shut-off time of 30 seconds to 5 minutes
  • IP66 weather-resistant

Ring, a famous brand, has designed this floodlight with a high brightness of 600 lumens that shines enough to illuminate outdoor areas for security purposes. This battery-powered floodlight has a motion-detecting feature to turn on the floodlight when there is a motion around it. The floodlight has a good motion detection range of above 15 feet. It can work connected to Alexa with voice-activated commands using the Ring Bridge device. With this Ring Bridge, you can connect the floodlight with other smart floodlights to send commands to all the floodlights at once. It also enables you to get notifications of movement in your house when you are not at home.

This wiring-free floodlight design does not take your time of more than 10 minutes to install above your garden, yard, or driveway. You will need a Ring Smart Lighting Starter Kit with Ring Bridge to customize floodlight settings, get notifications, and make a smart home environment with Alexa. You can also change the sensitivity of the motion sensor and brightness from the app.

Soon after a motion detection at night, the floodlight turns on and sends a notification to your phone and other connected devices. After a pre-defined time, the floodlight will turn off while you can select the time between 30 seconds and 5 minutes from the Ring app installed on your phone.

The manufacturer offers this floodlight in two colors of black and white. Another version of the floodlight comes with an optional solar panel to make it a stand-alone system for a remote location.

MAXSA Innovations Solar Flood Light

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Key Features

  • Dual head motion-activated floodlight
  • Adjustable LED heads to cover more area
  • Solar-powered floodlight

Key Specifications

  • A bright light of 160 lumens
  • Adjustable ON time between 10 seconds and 4 minutes
  • Operating time of up to 40 hours
  • Motion sensor with a range up to 40 feet
  • An adjustable light sensor to conserve the battery
  • Three AA NiMH rechargeable batteries

Maxsa Innovations has designed the best wireless floodlight that produces 220 lumens of light when it turns on due to human or animal motion in your outdoor space. They have an adjustable detection range of up to 40 feet away, a suitable addition for floodlights. The floodlight has two adjustable heads to cover the desired area of the door, garden, or backyard. You can reposition these heads for wide illumination.

It has three AA NiMH rechargeable batteries that can provide you a backup of up to 90 one-minute cycles. The solar panel module is separate from the floodlight housing with a nine-feet long cable. Due to the long wire offered with the solar panel, you can install it at a suitable location to get direct sunlight. The solar panel charges the battery, giving you the freedom to not monitor the battery state of charge.

MAXSA solar floodlight is a self-sufficient system due to a solar panel addition in the fixture. The floodlight will turn on whenever it detects motion around it during the night. The floodlight will remain on for one minute, which is adjustable between 10 seconds and 4 minutes. The upgraded model has two super-bright LEDs in one head, giving you a bright light of about 160 lumens.

You can see a light sensor as well in this floodlight to conserve the battery during the day. The light sensor is adjustable to avoid turning on the light before a specific level of darkness. This solar floodlight is available in three colors of black, white, and dark bronze.

HONWELL Motion Sensor Flood Light

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Key Features

  • 3D-cell batteries
  • A floodlight with a beam of 600 Lumens
  • The battery runs up to 50 hours
  • Dual head with flexible rotation

Key Specifications

  • 32 bright LEDs
  • 600 Lumens, 6000 K white light
  • Motion detection up to 8 meters (26 feet)
  • Automatically shuts off after 20 seconds
  • IP65 water-resistant

If you are looking for an ultra-bright floodlight, then you can get the Honwell Motion Sensor Light. It has two powerful headlamps, and each of them contains 16 LEDs on it. These types of battery-powered lights are beneficial for providing security in your area.

With a pivot and swivel, the dual heads can rotate for up to 175 degrees.  You can also move them up and down for 180 degrees. This floodlight is pretty suitable for covering a vast area with bright light in different directions.

Since these floodlights have motion sensors operated wirelessly, the floodlight turns on when it detects motion, even in pitch-black conditions. The range for motion detection goes up to 26 feet. The light automatically switches off when it does not see anything for 20 seconds, conserving the battery life. Moreover, it will automatically turn on and illuminate your path in the darkness if you come from outside late at night.

Another fantastic feature that might urge you to consider it is that the design is weatherproof with IP65 water-resistant rating. So, it is a perfect and durable security product for outdoor use in rainy conditions as well. The floodlights work on 3D-Cell batteries, and you do not need to drill.

The installation of these lights is a straightforward process, and you need only screws and a mounting bracket. Just go through the user manual carefully, and you can quickly install it at your preferred location. With the help of screws, you can mount them quickly in your garden, yard, garage, tree, front door, or any other dark area. Overall this product looks like a mini drone with wings that can flexibly rotate in multiple directions.

KUFUNG 48 LED Security Lights

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Key Features

  • Detection radius of 120 degrees
  • Charging time is six hours
  • Flexible range of 180 degrees
  • A detection range of 10 to 25 feet

Key Specifications

  • Light direction is adjustable
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • A brightness of 600 Lumens
  • Water resistance rating is IP67

The KUFUNG 48 LED Lamp Security Motion Sensor Light is a wonderful choice while buying a security light. The main feature of the floodlight is that it is solar-powered. Due to this reason, you do not need to worry about battery charging monitoring and replacing the batteries. Many of the solar-powered lights you see today do not have the swan neck. It provides you with 180 degrees of unrestricted motion and adjustable choice.

These floodlights have state of the art motion sensors that can detect anything moving within a 120 degrees radius. It would be best if you kept in mind that they are so sensitive to change that they can trigger themselves by even the slightest movement in their detecting radius. Their standard detection range is found to be between the range of 10 to 25 feet.

There are three basic working modes through which the light performs its tasks. The first mode is automatic motion detection, which works by turning on the bright light mode. When motion is detected, the floodlight will remain on for 15 seconds, and then the output will revert to dim light mode.

The second mode is also automatically operated, which turns on the bright light mode for 15 seconds before turning off. It will turn on again by the next motion detection. The third mode is to make it remain on at night with full brightness. The battery will last for about 6 hours in this mode on a single charge.

The claims that it takes about 6 hours to charge the 2200 mAh battery. But, the weather conditions are the factor that can cause variation in battery charging time, combined with the state and situation of the positioning of the solar panels. The lights also have an IP67 water resistance rating, making them one of the most popular solar flood lights at an affordable price compared to other brands.

AZONE Solar Flood Light

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Key Features

  • Made up of high-quality aluminum alloy and ABS
  • 800 lumens solar-powered floodlight
  • The battery can last up to 40 hours at low brightness mode
  • Built-in Motion Sensor for safety
  • 360 degrees adjustable

Key Specifications

  • 800 Lumens, 6500 K white light
  • A motion detection range of 10 to 26 feet
  • IP66 water-resistant
  • A 3.7V, 2600 mAh battery
  • Charging time is 5 to 6 hours
  • Automatically turns off after 15 to 20 seconds

This super bright solar floodlight with a Polycarbonate lens and brightness of 800 Lumens adds an extra layer of security in your house by keeping intruders away from your place. It can fully charge in around 5 to 6 hours on a sunny day, and the battery capacity is 2600 mAh. After a full charge, this floodlight can last up to 40 hours if used at the low brightness mode, making it a better product than other similar lights in this category.

The motion detector sensor in this floodlight has an optics grade Fresnel lens. It can detect the movement of objects about 26 feet away, providing a rotational angle of 120 degrees. After detecting any motion, the light stays on in bright mode for 15 to 20 seconds. Then, it goes into the low brightness mode to reduce battery usage.

Another interesting feature worth mentioning is that the case is constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy and ABS plastic. There is also a mechanism for charge and discharge circuit protection.

The two working modes are useful in saving energy. The light sensor in the floodlights switches them automatically to the low light mode when night falls. It completely turns them off during the day. When people get in the motion detection range, the lights switch to the high brightness mode.

It is better to install the solar floodlight facing the south to get maximum output. The battery may take about 6 to 8 hours to charge the battery during sunny days. It will take more time to charge the battery on rainy or cloudy days. Moreover, in the winter season, the days become shorter, increasing the overall charging time.

Like other floodlights, AZONE solar floodlight can also rotate 360 degrees. The solar panels are adjustable to get the maximum possible solar energy. The package additionally includes one mounting sticker, three screws, one wrench, and a user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many thoughts and queries come to mind while searching online for wireless flood lights for your needs. You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and may clear your mind, helping you select the best wireless floodlight.


Wireless floodlights are a useful addition to your house due to their wireless nature. You can install them anywhere without thinking about the weather conditions as they are waterproof. They can withstand water splashes, rain, and snow due to IP65 waterproof quality. Besides providing you a bright light when you come home at night, they also help you keep the thieves and intruders away from the house.

In the article, I have reviewed some of the best wireless floodlights available in online stores. I selected both solar-powered and battery-powered versions of the floodlights. Some of the reviewed products have an optional solar panel like MAXSA Innovations solar floodlight. The solar-powered versions make you feel free about replacing the batteries because they charge the battery using solar panels from the sunlight.

Article written by John Ho
Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and thorough solar-energy product guides, which will leave you confident that you have made the right purchase decision for your home.

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