Best Solar Walkway Lights

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Written by John Ho. Last updated on October 27, 2020

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Best Solar Walkway Lights

Walkway lights are great for homes and business locations. As night falls, everywhere gets dimmer making it quite difficult to see or walk through pathways. Walkway lights serve lighting and security purposes. They find use as decorations and provide ambiance as they add extra color to your walkway, yard or garden.

Solar walkway lights are a great pick if you are looking to install walkway lights. Solar energy from the sun is readily available in nature. The solar walkway lights absorb sunlight through a solar panel connected to it and store the energy in batteries so they can be used at night when they are needed.


Some advantages of Solar walkway lights are:

  1. They are environment-friendly. Solar energy is a type of renewable energy, otherwise called green energy, is one of the cleanest energy sources we have now. There are zero emissions of Carbon or other substances that could be harmful to the ecosystem.
  2. Solar walkway lights are cheaper than electrical lights. First off, solar lights not on your local grid, so you do not pay to use them, unlike electrical lights where you pay as you use. Also, comparing the short-term and long-term cost of both, you would agree with me that solar walkway lights are the best bet.
  3. Solar walkway lights are easy to install and maintain, a feature you would notice with most solar products. You can even do it yourself following the installation guide, as opposed to electrical lamps, where you would need a professional technician to handle it. Maintenance is low-cost, so you have little to worry about as you go about using them.
  4. They are very energy efficient. Solar walkway lights make use of LEDs, which produce more brightness while consuming less power. They are

As more people embrace solar solutions, the next question that arises is how individuals can choose from a pool of solar products, products that suit their specific needs. Although walkway lights serve a relatively general-purpose (which is to light up walkways and paths), different people prioritize some features over others.

Sam has a beautiful garden in his front yard that leads up to his door and wants to light up the garden walkway. It is safe to say that ambiance, design, color and aesthetics would be the top priority for him when shopping for walkway lights. Tim, who is lives in the city, would need walkway lights to his garage for security. He would focus more on looking out for brighter and longer-lasting walkway lights. Aesthetics and ambiance might be of lower priority to him than Sam. Get the picture now?

Features To Look Out For When Choosing A Solar Walkway Light

  1. Brightness
  2. Design
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Battery Life
  5. Charging Speed
  6. IP Rating
  7. Budget


Brightness is one of the obvious things to look out for when purchasing lights. It is because the primary function of walkway lights is to brighten up pathways and make them accessible, especially at night, when it is dimmer. This way, it would be easier for you to navigate and avoid obstacles that could cause injuries.

Lights with brightness ranging from 10 to 30 lumens are adequate for walkway lights. If your walkway leads up to streets that have street lights, about 10 to 15 lumens should do just fine. Different people require varying degrees of brightness based on preference, so these are just what would be ideally suitable for walkway lighting.


Design is also a crucial feature to look out for when selecting walkway lights. The kind of materials used in making them and the way they are structured is another feature to note when choosing walkway lights. The design of your preferred choice must be compatible with the prevailing weather conditions of that environment. If you experience lots of rainfall, then you might want to go for a water-resistant type as opposed to metallic ones (as they are more to rust). Much more rigid structured lights are wind-resistant.


Do you remember Sam? You might want to scroll up a little if you don't. So he has decided to go shopping for his garden light. After speaking with the store guide, he picks up a set and heads home to install. What advice do you think the guide offered him that would have influenced his decision?

For aesthetics, the beam pattern is one. The beam is the surface through which light comes out from the LEDs, so yes, this determines how the lights appear. Color is another one too. Depending on individual preference and taste, some may go for warm colors (like amber) or the very popular white LEDs. More modern lights have motion sensors that change colors or lighting patterns as people approach them. It creates beautiful scenery.

Battery Life

It is a very critical feature of walkway lights to consider. It would be penny wise pound foolish and quite a shame too to have a beautiful and well-crafted walkway light that never makes it to midnight from the evening. First, you need to ask yourself, How often would the lights be switched on? This question puts a lot into consideration. If it is a security light, then it should be active all the time, meaning battery strength has to be very good. Walkway lights that serve as decorations for a 2-hour-once-a-month scheduled evening with your close friends allow you to accommodate more options when considering battery strength.

Charging Speed

Another feature to look out for when going for solar walkway lights is the charging speed. Solar devices need energy from the sun to generate electricity to function. The sun is only up for about half of the day and hits its peak for about 4 hours. If your solar walkway light does not charge fast enough, the lights will not make it till midnight. When the lights go off like this, it defeats the purpose of purchase. The average charging speed is about 8 hours. Anything more than this might affect the overall performance of the walkway light.

IP Rating

IP ratings might not be the most sought after feature, but it is good you are aware of this. IP (Ingress Protection) ratings define how well shielded an electrical enclosure is against dust, debris, moisture and other external materials. We most times unconsciously observe and feel the parts to know this. However, this is a more precise approach. You would come across this on some solar products too, so you might want to look out for it.

The numbers written in front show the classes of materials from which an electrical device can protect itself. The first number represents solid material, while the second number is liquid. The numbers increase with increased resistance. Here are some common ones you would come across: IP64 is rated dust-tight and protected against splashes of water. IP65 is rated dust-tight and protected against water projected from a nozzle. You can see the full chart here.

Budget - Best Solar Walkway Lights

We can not run away from this now, can we? Eventually, money becomes the ultimate decider when we make product choices. Your budget even guides your product shortlist. Your sending is a lot more than just the cost of purchase of the product. It also takes to account all you would spend or save through the times when you would be utilizing the product. So, you should carefully consider this when making product choices.

An expensive product is not the one that costs more to acquire. It is the one that incurs more costs while it is in use that is expensive and also burdensome to the owner. Most cheap products are ticking time bombs waiting to get to your home before they explode. Be sure you are considering medium and long-term when making product decisions.

Best Solar Walkway Lights Reviews

URPOWER 2-in-1 Solar Light With LED (Best Overall)

Urpower 2 In 1 Solar Light With Led

The URPOWER Solar Lights is one of the top picks among solar walkway lights. It comes with four LED bulbs, each with a brightness of 50 lumens.


This walkway light is designed with spikes and screws for use during installation. You can either stick the lights into the ground with the spikes or hang them by screwing to the wall. Each one can hold a set of two solar lights.

The URPOWER Solar Lights also come with solar panels that are adjustable up to 180 degrees. You can always reposition the panels to capture as much sunlight as it would require to function optimally. The lights too are adjustable, so you can either turn them up or down (90 degrees rotation) so you can direct the lights where you want them.

Four to five hours of charge can give you about 9 hours of illumination. It also comes with modes for low and high brightness. Once this is programmed, it lights up automatically at dusks and functions until the early morning sun welcomes the day. It has an IP64 rating, so have no worries when winter approaches or when the clouds go on a spree.


  • Very bright and warm-colored LEDs
  • Weather Resilient (including rain and snow)
  • Very dependable and efficient
  • Versatile* placement options
  • Flexible panels guarantee enough solar energy for a full charge.


  • No motion sensor, so you manually switch between modes.
  • Unattractive compared to other solar walkway lights
  • The solar panel is prone to damage.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend this walkway light. It has an outstanding lighting capacity and excellent run hours too. While some may complain about switching between brightness modes (low and high), one advantage is that it allows you to use as you need.

Hampton Bay

Hampton Bay is one of the most reputable manufacturers of solar products, so we expect nothing short of quality from this product.


This path light has a solid build with a 19th century-themed style. It is made with both plastic and glass and has a beautiful design that makes it stand out as a top choice for buyers. It has a good battery life and a running time of about 8 hours and a good brightness output of 10 lumens- that is 40 lumens in all as it comes in a pack of 4. It is known to last very long and is very reliable to use, so if you are thinking of a product for the longer term, you should consider this.

The solar panels have a large width, so they trap more sunlight, so it is a good fit for varying climatic conditions. It can work well even during cloudy days as the solar lights require only a little sunlight to charge. When you couple this with the fact that it is water-resistant, you have a product you can enjoy all year round.


  • Great design
  • Long-running time
  • Good battery life
  • Lasts long
  • Works well in different weather conditions


  • It collects rainwater which has to be manually drained
  • Not suitable to light up a large area
  • Quite expensive
  • LEDs are not bright enough for the average homeowner, so you may have to buy more.

Final Verdict

It is suitable for different weather conditions, so that is a plus. Some buyers consider it to be small, especially if you have a large area to light up. The price is worth it, as it is a wise long-term investment. And yes, it has a very cool design too.   

Solpex Solar Powered LED Pathway Lights (Best Budget)

Solpex Solar Powered Led Pathway Lights

The Solpex solar light offers a good option for those seeking cost-effective solutions to pathway lighting. It gives off a comfortable light as the glass is ambered. When the white LED lights pass through it, it comes off as warm with a beautiful pattern.


It is made of stainless steel and glass and has a simple design. It is small, but is well constructed and so stands out from a host of others. It can fit into different areas, so you do not have to worry about how your walkway, garden or yard is structured when considering this. Its light pattern also gives it a little extra class and style.

It is durable and can withstand harsh weather, especially cold. Steel is a very resistant material that can withstand different climates.

A full charge would take you throughout the night. It is an auto on solar light. The batteries are relatively good and are replaceable too.


  • Easy to install
  • Can withstand very harsh weather
  • Cost-effective option
  • It can serve as decorations too, especially for gardens, pools and lawns
  • Can be adapted in a variety of areas
  • Durable and hardly gets damaged


  • They need to be placed about 10 inches from each other for adequate brightness, so you may have to buy more to meet your need
  • The battery strength could be better, so you might consider adding to them.

Final Verdict

These lights, apart from lighting up your walkway, add a bit of class to it. It has a beautiful display. However, for you to install it, you have to put it into the ground. As a result, you would need to choose a nice spot where you would want it to be fixed and ensure it is fit-in properly so fierce winds do not take them out. Overall, it is a good buy.

Gigalumi Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

Do you want to change the look and feel of your garden, driveway or whatever part of your home? Then you should check out Gigalumi Solar Pathway Lights. They are a blend of functionality and aesthetics.


It comes as a six-pack of lights with a bronze finish which adds nobility and bourgeois to your yard. The lenses are glass type (tier triple-lens glass) as opposed to the commonly used plastics, so it is clear and bright and gives out a more brilliant light. You have warm white lights illuminating through these lenses, so it is easy on the eyes and very beautiful. The pattern of the LEDs within the lens gives the light output an elegant look.

Gigalumi solar pathway lights are installed in the ground using a stake (they come with these), and it is an easy, do-it-yourself process. They are also solid to go with during harsh weather, so you do not have to bring them in at the slightest change in the weather.

Another remarkable thing about this product is that the lights are long-lasting, a full charge can get you about 10 hours working time. Impressive. They automatically turn on at night and off during the day.


  • Clear and brilliant Lights
  • Good aesthetic feature
  • Good and Solid structure build
  • Easy to install
  • Long-running time (up to 10 hours)


  • Might need more lights to achieve the desired brightness
  • Glass lights cold break during installation
  • Weak battery strength

Final Verdict

Pretty, warm coloured lights with great patterns, I assure you this will surely earn you a lot of compliments from guests. It has good running hours too. Although it is not very bright (and a lot of users might agree with me), it will do enough to light up your walkway.

Beau Jardin Solar Pathway Lights (Editor's Choice)

Beau Jardin Solar Pathway Lights

Beau Jardin has made a name for themselves, creating amazing styled lights.


These lights stand at 16.5 inches and 4.7 inches in diameter. It is a wireless solar light made of stainless steel and water-tight diamond glass. The steel is rust-proof, so do not worry about the rains messing it up and the diamond glass shade protects the bulbs from moisture and makes it great for outdoor use. This product comes with an auto sensor and is a good fit for modern homes and would also tush up countryside houses alike.


  • Bright LEDs
  • Good quality structure, attractive for decorations
  • Very efficient
  • Easy to install and use
  • Up to 12 hours running time
  • IP65 rating


  • You have to be super careful with the glass globe during installation and assembling.

Final Verdict

This product is one of the best solar walkway light options, and it is no surprise why this is so. The material is durable, great decoration for your home, beautiful light pattern, great running hours. What is not to love about this?

OSORD Solar Outdoor Pathway Lights


It is a bright light with a great architectural design, similar to golf clubs. It is a 2-in-1 installation light, meaning they can either be installed in-ground with stakes or screwed to the wall. These lights are a good fit for gardens, lawns, pools and driveways.

It comes with two color modes: a white LED light and a warmer and softer light. You can use it for multiple purposes: for security and path lighting and also create an aesthetic feel. You can switch between light modes when you want to use them. One cool feature is that it has a built-in light sensor that detects the brightness of the surroundings and either turns on or off.

It is made of high-quality plastics and is waterproof and weather-resistant. It is durable and can work well during all seasons of the year.

A full charge, which takes about 8 hours, can keep this light running all night.


  • Super bright light
  • Easy to install
  • Great architectural design
  • Built-in light sensor
  • High-quality material


  • The plastics could break after a few years of exposure to sunlight
  • Fierce winds and heavy storms could lift it off the ground, so you might need to support them with pipes
  • They are light in weight, so you need to be careful during installation.

Final Verdict

This product gives off very bright light and is weather-resistant. You might have to be careful while installing so that it does not break. The light is easy to assemble. A few buyers have complained that it is quite long, but you could always shorten them to suit your taste or install on the wall (yes, it is a 2-in-1 light). It is a good buy for your walkway, driveway or lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions


With these tips and products information, I believe that you can make your choice and start enjoying your solar walkway light. We have taken an extensive dive into some of the best solar walkway lights and have given some helpful guides you would need to make the best choice for your needs.

And if you are still confused as to which of them to go for, well I would personally recommend the Beau Jardin Solar Pathway Lights. It is very efficient and of super quality. If you are thinking long-term, go for this.

Other products are also great and have their strengths, so it eventually balls down to your requirements.

Article written by John Ho
Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and thorough solar-energy product guides, which will leave you confident that you have made the right purchase decision for your home.

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