Best Solar Motion Security Lights

Out of literally hundreds of options, here are our experts' favorite solar motion security lights.
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Written by John Ho. Last updated on October 23, 2020

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Best Solar Motion Security Lights

As the world evolves and develops, you will note that-people too have been amending their ways of life. With the help of solar-powered motion security light, you will find increased security.

Solar power is the most renowned renewable energy source. One of the most many innovations includes; 'Solar Powered Motion Security Lights.'

Yes, they are used for security purposes. But other than that, they do have other discreet purposes too.

Let us look into the benefits of security lights.

Why Should You Install Solar Powered Motion Security Lights?

Cost-Effective & Return on Investment

The savings are especially essential for businesses, both big and small. Firms can raise profits and reduce costs by cutting down on electricity bills. Solar panels provide energy for years at a low cost.

Moreover, with solar-powered motion security lights, investment risks can be ignored. European Electricity Consumers are likely to enjoy savings of about €200 billion.


Suppose you are a promoter of products and methodologies. In that case, you will find the invention of solar-power systems to be inspiring. The University of Taiwan proved that solar systems have environmental value.

Going Green in Connection to Marketing

The minds of the 21st century have been moving to environmentally-sound solutions.

Consumers will choose energy-efficient actions and are more willing to buy eco products.

Many businesses display their solar panels instead of trying to cover them up. The result of the higher use of solar systems? Increased efficiency as well as sales, bringing about a higher round of profits.

Tax Benefits

The government of the US has started a means to increase the use and deployment of solar systems. One of these initiatives includes the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

Through the implementation of 'Solar Investment Tax Credit,' the prices have decreased. This has led to the growth of solar installations.

Moreover, the government has extended the implementation of Solar Investment Tax Credit. Instead of being terminated in 2015, ITC will now lead up to 2023.

How to Pick the Best Solar Motion Security Lights


Solar-powered motion security lights are great conservers of battery life. The issue arises of when and how exactly the motion sensors should determine that the lights are to turn on.

'Motion Sensors' play the role of detecting motion around a certain range. There are three types of motion sensors:

  • Active Sensors- The 'Active Sensors' determine motion by sending microwaves.
  • Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR)- These 'Passive Infrared sensors' detects motion.
  • Combined Sensors- These sensors allow the use of a combination of 'Active' and 'Passive Infrared' sensors.
  • Photosensor- This sensor also goes by the name of 'Dust to Dawn.' It picks up motion in 120 to 180 degree wide angles and 15 to 40 feet long distances. The photosensor is best for solar floor lights because it is known to save solar energy. When it gets dark- it automatically switches on the lights, and when it gets bright- the lights are automatically turned off.

Pro-tip: Check the descriptions of your solar powered motion sensor when purchasing it. Make sure that your solar light includes a motion sensor or photosensor. Otherwise, energy will be misspent- and you will have to bear nuisance trips due to it not being automatic.

Motion Sensor Range

It is essential to consider since it determines how far your sensor can detect movement. The use of these solar motion security lights is that the lights automatically turn on.

Choose a motion sensor range that matches with the area you want to cover. Motion sensors pick up movements according to the range, radius, or degree of area. For example- a motion sensor could detect motions on a scale of 120 to 180 degrees, in a radius of 10 meters. Of course, all these numerical vary according to the model and sensor you pick.

Do note that PIR sensors come with one drawback- their range does not pick up movement that is a little far off.

Battery Type

Solar motion security lights can come equipped with four different types of batteries. Let us divide them into two categories- the low powered and the high powered.

Low powered batteries include nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) and nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH). Both Ni-Cd and Ni-MH are cheap, light-weight, easy to replace, and appropriate for low powered solar security lights. These low powered batteries- Ni-Cd and Ni-MH are available in two sizes: AA and AAA batteries.

Another battery that solar enthusiasts regard as cheap and low powered is lithium-ion. Yet, its other branches are said to be high powered.

This point brings us to the high-powered batteries. These mainly include lithium iron phosphate or Li-phosphate batteries (the latter being more popular!). Li-phosphate is due to its incredible attributes: light-weight, easy to maintain, apt sizing, high-energy- leading to its life-cycle running up to 2000 cycles. But of course, these factors come at a high price.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity refers to the utmost amount of energy a battery can keep contained or stored. The battery capacity can be measured using two units- ampere-hour (Ah) and milliampere-hour (mAh).

The higher the battery capacity- the lengthier its operating time-period. The following batteries are listed- from lowest to largest magnitudes:

  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd)- The battery capacity is 600 mAh.
  • Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH)- The battery capacity is 2000 mAh.
  • Lithium-ion- The battery capacity is 2000 to 6000 mAh.
  • Lead-acid or lithium iron phosphate- The battery capacity is 4000 mAh to 7000 mAh.

Therefore, the positive connection between battery power and battery capacity is evident. The lower the battery capacity-the lower the battery power. The higher the battery capacity- the higher the battery power.

Type of Solar Panel

Solar panels come in three different types: Amorphous solar panels, Polycrystalline solar panels, and Monocrystalline solar panels. You can pick a solar panel most appropriate for your use according to their 'cell efficiency.'

Once again, I will start addressing the solar panels from least efficient to most efficient.

  • Amorphous solar panels: These have a cell efficiency of 7 to 10% and are therefore the least efficient. Amorphous solar panels are most appropriate for low power solar lights.
  • Polycrystalline solar panels: These have a cell efficiency of 16% and are easy to differentiate since they have dark blue cell colors. Polycrystalline solar panels are appropriate for powering up solar lights for commercial buildings.
  • Monocrystalline solar panels: These have a cell efficiency of 15% to 21% making them highly efficient. Monocrystalline solar panels are most appropriate for high powered solar flood lights.

Again the cost and efficiency of these solar panels have a positive relationship. Lower the efficiency, lower the price. Similarly, the higher the efficiency higher the price.

Light Brightness

Lumens is the unit used to measure the brightness of a light. If the light is alarmingly bright- it produces a higher amount of lumens. If the light is dull and muted- it will generate a lower amount of lumens.

It is also crucial to keep in mind that if the solar lights are producing a higher amount of lumens, the solar light will drain less power. So, you will be saving energy.

Most solar powered motion security lights provide 300 to 1200 lumens brightness. Cheaper versions provide lumens brightness of less than 100. More costly versions provide- 1200 lumens of brightness.

Always aim to buy a solar-powered motion security light of higher lumen ratings.

Mode Settings

There are three modes of operations that solar motion security lights can perform. Pick the ones that suit your task at hand.

  • Security Motion- Automatically turns on and off when needed.
  • Permanent On All Night Long- They automatically turn on when it starts to get dark and stay on throughout the night- therefore consuming more energy.
  • Smart Brightness Control- Lights stay turned on during the night and increase brightness when they sense motion.


The solar lights cannot function if their solar panels are not absorbing enough energy.

Thus, it is necessary to make sure that you place your solar panels in such a position that they receive enough direct sunlight.

But, an issue may arise with the solar lights that come attached with their solar panels- you cannot place them in an open area. The best suggestion, in this case, would be to pick out a solar-powered motion light that is detached from its solar panel and can remain connected through wirings or cables.

5 Best Solar Motion Security Lights Reviews

Aootek 182 Led Solar motion sensor lights

Aootek 182 Led Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Like my parents, if you have a huge backyard and live near the outskirts of a forest and often have squirrels and raccoons breaking in and digging around, the 'Aootek 182 Led Solar motion sensor lights' will be perfect for you!

These come equipped with a Lithium-ion battery capacity of about 2200 mAh.

It is also highly popular because you can choose its operational function (as it is adaptable to all three!) Therefore if you only need to keep away undesired creatures- the 'Security Motion' will be most appropriate. However, if you need some protection around your warehouse- 'Smart Brightness Control' will be ideal. We all love a 3 in 1 package deal, right?

The constructors of the motion sensors have upgraded them, and the PIR sensor can now detect any movement in the range of 26 feet.

Not only that, if you live in areas of a harsh climate- these LED installed solar lights will be a perfect match for your needs!


  • They can perform three operational functions.
  • Weather resilient- waterproof and heatproof
  • Efficient and upgraded PIR motion sensor
  • Super-bright LED lights
  • Energy-efficient Monocrystalline solar panels saving at a rate of 20.5%
  • Easy to install


  • Not suitable for areas larger than 26ft- more units will have to be employed

Litom Original Solar Lights Outdoor

Litom Original Solar Lights Outdoor

If you live in a particularly shadow-cast area or have a fear of the dark, these 'Litom Original Solar Lights Outdoor' with their Ultra-powered LED lights will be the ultimate reassurance for you.

Not only that, the descent of these solar security lights is from a renowned firm that any solar enthusiast will know off. 'Litom' does not cease to help millions save and conserve energy.

These Litom solar lights come with an impressive design that can increase the range of your angle and area of illumination by a whopping 50%. This range can also reach an area of 200 square feet- the Litom Solar light that I have installed on my deck also illuminates the driveway.

Moreover, looking into more technical factors- this outdoor light does come with the option of 3 functions and is also generated by a motion sensor that can light up for 20 seconds if any movement is noticed (therefore has a reliable alerting system!).

The sustainable 'Litom Original Solar Lights Outdoor' is most commonly used for placement on the deck, garage, front door, or driveway- basically any part of your home that needs some illumination and protection.

It has also proven to be most appropriate for areas around your house because, as a result of its IP65 waterproof feature, it has passed the FCC certification.


  • Waterproof and sustainable- FCC certified
  • Ultra-bright LED lights
  • Three operational functions
  • A brighter and extensive range of lighting
  • One-screw installation


  • Unsuitable for high-coverage areas

Hikeren IP65 Waterproof Solar Lights (Best Overall)

Hikeren Ip65 Waterproof Solar Lights

These 'Hikeren IP65 Waterproof Solar Lights' are one of the most over-powering solar lights you will find suitable for larger areas that require bright lighting. It is because they come stocked with a lithium-ion battery, which has a battery capacity of a mighty 4400 mAh. This allows the Hikeren solar lights to work for up to 18 hours, with a mere charging time of 6.5 hours required.

In addition to that, its solar panel is also very mobile since it can be altered to about 180 degrees and also has a 16.4 ft cable that can connect it to the lights. Therefore these solar lights can also be managed indoors.

The advanced polycrystalline silicon technology that these solar lights are installed to allow the solar panel to quickly convert absorbed sunlight into electricity- almost 20% of the conversion done immediately.

The Hikeren Solar light comes with not 1 LED, not 2, but rather a vast number of 30 LED lights that proficiently manage a motion angle of 180 degrees.

It's waterproof, and ABS plastic embedded sustainability is also recognized by CE, ROSH, MSDS, UN38.3, and FCC.


  • 30 LED lights
  • Polycrystalline silicon technology- an energy conversion rate of 20%
  • The battery capacity of 4400mAh
  • Low charging session (6.5hrs) with a high operation time (18hrs)
  • Certified with ROSH, MSDS, UN38.3, FCC, and CE
  • Angle alteration of up to 180%
  • Mobile solar panel
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions (especially winter)


  • High investment and installation cost

AmeriTop Super Bright LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights (Best Budget)

Ameritop Super Bright Led Solar Motion Sensor Lights

This robust three-headed solar powered motion sensor light will be apt for extensive outlooks, including those of factories. It is because the- 'AmeriTop Motion Sensor Light' provides a lumens brightness of about 1000-5000k- which is enough to stop anyone in their tracks. Not only that, its highly efficient solar panel allows it to reach the best charging in a matter of a few hours.

These 'heads' are also very innovative and can be adjusted and moved; upwards, downwards, and horizontally. Its PIR motion sensor can also cover an area of 49-50ft.

Another unique feature is that it gives a sensitivity of an extra 20% compared to other motion lights.

Moreover, Ameritops' sturdy aluminum-coated solar light is suitable for all-weather types.


  • Covers a vast amount of area (up to 50ft)
  • PIR motion sensor with 120% sensitivity range
  • All-weather- resilient
  • Super Bright with a 1000-5000k lumens brightness
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to install solar panel (no wiring required)


  • The lifespan of the battery is low

Brightech Ambience Pro LED Outdoor Solar String Lights (Editor's choice)

Brightech Ambience Pro Led Outdoor Solar String Lights

Let us give solar lights a trendy and vintage-style twist! These will provide the perfect Italian poised canopy for you to gaze at from your patio or garden—the dreamy view interlocking with the stars.

The manufacturers provide a 3-year warranty, therefore, expressing their eternal belief in its well-built plastic formation. Moreover, even if you live in the scorching heat- these string lights will stand their position with heat resistance that goes up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

These string lights will last you a good 6 hours if provided with 6 hours of direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight works too- however, the result is a lower charge.

Each of these string lights' strands is 48 feet long- with a bulb placed every 3 feet.

Therefore, these 'Brightech Ambience Pro LED Outdoor Solar String Lights' do provide for a bit of a struggle when putting up- but the bistro vibes are said to be worth it!


  • Easy to install
  • Fun, vintage look
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Weather-resilient


  • Only for decorative uses



Well, I do hope that by now you have already chosen your desirable Solar Powered Motion Security Lights. But, if you have a bit of an un-decisive persona and find difficulty in narrowing down options, go bold!

If you are going for a cheap option to set up around your house, I would recommend the FCC approved 'Litom Original Solar Lights Outdoor.' I have had it for a while now-and the lights illuminate far beyond where you position them.

You are going for a costly version with a higher area coverage- in that case, the verified 'Hikeren IP65 Waterproof Solar Lights' will be best. Its high return on investment makes up for its high installation costs.

If you want some fun vintage vibes to overtake your backyard- make sure to grab some 'Brightech Ambience Pro LED Outdoor Solar String Lights.'

Between 2000 and 2019- the Global cumulative solar photovoltaic capacity increased by a massive 632.4 gigawatts.

Enjoy proudly contributing to this numerical as well as saving the Earth's atmosphere. Go green, indeed.

Article written by John Ho
Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and thorough solar-energy product guides, which will leave you confident that you have made the right purchase decision for your home.

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