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SolarFocus products absorb all the sunlight.
Utilizing triple junction amorphous silicon photovoltaic technology, SolarFocus products capture the broad solar spectrum. This spectrum splitting capability is the key to higher engergy output.
New Technology
Absorbtion Spectrum
Absorbing the broad sun spectrum provides a high output also in not ideal conditions such as morning / evening hours, cloudy skies, etc.
Absorbtion Spectrum
Triple Junction Sandwich
Triple junction solar cells are designed as a three- layer sandwich. The spectrum splitting capability is the key to higher energy output.
Triple Junction Sandwich
  • The top layer, which captures the blue photons, uses a-Si with an optical gap of ~ 1.8eV for the intrinsic (i) layer.
  • The middle layer is an amorphous silicon-germanium (a-SiGe) alloy with about 10-15% Ge. The optical gap is ~1.6eV, which is ideally suited for absorbing the green photons.
  • The bottom layer captures the red and infrared photons and uses an i layer of a-SiGe alloy with about 40-50% Ge, corresponding to an optical gap of ~1.4eV.
  • Light rays not absorbed during the entry would be reflected from the silver/zinc oxide (Ag/ZnO) layer and be absorbed on the way out.
SolarFocus products consider all the environmental factors and offer more performance and customer values
High Performance
Power Output Curves
SolarFocus products consider all environmental factors.
  • All data specified after stabilisation, therefore 10-20% more initial performance.
  • No degradation.
  • Expected life time: 15 years.
  • High output at low sun radiation, e.g. cloudy skies.
  • High output in morning / evening hours.
Power Output Curves
Power Output
SolarFocus products consider all environmental factors.
Triple junction technology is more superior than Crystalline because it works better at less ideal environmental conditions. In addition, it functions well under the usual sun radiation (<700W/m² ) and under the cell temperature when reaching 60°C - 80°C
Power Output
Comparison at Outdoor Conditions
SolarFocus products consider offer more performance and customer value.
Comparison at Outdoor Conditions
Comparison at Outdoor Conditions
Even though the laboratory efficiency of SolarFocus products is low (Fig.2), the measured output is the highest of all modules in test (Fig.1)
1SC1 2SC1 6SC1 8SC1 1WC1
2sc1 6sc1 8sc1 1wc1
Power max. (W) 0.84 1.68 5.04 6.72 0.966
Voltage max. (V) 2 4 12 16 2.3
Current max. (mA) 420 420 420 420 420
Power MPP (W) 0.45 + 15 % 0.9 + 15% 2.7+15% 3.6+15% 0.68+15%
Voltage Vmpp (V) 1.5 + 11% 3.0 + 11% 9+11% 13.2+11% 1.7 + 11%
Current Impp (mA) 300 + 4% 300 + 4% 300+4% 300+4% 0.4+4%
Weight (g) 20 40 110 150 40
Dimensions 195x55x1.1 195x110x1.1 270x195x1.1 360x200x1.1 195x75x1.5
Solar cell surface (m²) 0.007 0.014 0.042 0.056 0.01
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