Best Outdoor Solar String Lights

Written by John Ho on January 8, 2021
Best Outdoor Solar String Lights

If you are out searching to buy the best solar string lights on Google, you probably already know what they are and where they can be used.

But, I am just going to assume that some of you might still be confused about the concept of solar string lights and give a little introduction about them before diving into their details. If you are already educated on the subject, you can surely skip this part and move on to the next segment of the article.

To learn about solar string lights, it is important to first understand the term 'string lights'. To put it simply, string lights are a bunch of light bulbs that are connected through a wire or rope. The question of why the electric bulbs are connected in the form of a string can be answered by looking at objects like poles, trees, etc. One can't simply install bulbs on these long but narrow objects so string lights are used in their situation. Usually, people use string lights to decorate their gardens, roofs, and other outdoor areas.

Now coming to solar string lights, you can also call them the next generation of string lights or modern string lights because they use a newer tech to function.

Unlike the traditional string lights which used plenty of unorganized looking wires and guzzled racks of energy from the grid. Solar string lights are these sleek looking objects that do not have any wires wrapped around them and use solar energy to operate. Moreover, they create the solar energy that they consume and thus are environmentally friendly as well.

So now that you exactly know what solar string lights are, it is about time that you buy some for yourself. And to make things easier for you, I have listed and reviewed the 5 best solar string lights that you can buy from Amazon right now so you can read and decide which one will be best to live by your requirements.

Things you should know about solar string lights before buying them

Here is some information about solar string lights that you should know before you go through the buying process.

Do solar string lights use led bulbs?

By looking at a picture of a solar string light, you might be sold on the concept that they use incandescent bulbs because of the yellow textures light that they produce.

However, in reality, they use the same led bulb technology which is used in pretty much every other modern piece of technology. The yellow texture is only there for the aesthetics.

The expenses of maintaining outdoor solar string lights

Many people live under the wrong impression of the maintenance of solar string lights. They think that these outdoor lights are much more expensive to maintain because the technology is not so old and that would lead to expensive parts. Some people also think that solar products are also more delicate than non-solar products so maintenance would be high.

Practically, both of these conceptions are not true and neither do solar string lights have expensive parts and nor are they delicate these lights can last for several years.

Solar string lights and indoor places

If you are someone who is looking to illuminate indoor areas of their house, then, choosing solar string lights is probably not a practical way to go about it. Since solar string lights run on solar energy, and to generate electricity, they require sunlight, so installing them in any indoor area which does not get any sunlight would certainly be a bad idea. You can, however, get traditional string lights for indoor lights as they would not require any sunlight and probably be more open to being charged from the local grid of your area.

Solar string lights and water resistance

If you are situated in an area where it rains or snows a lot, then you would surely be worried about if your solar string lights would be able to survive all that since they are installed in outdoor areas. And the answer to your concern is yes, solar string lights have a water resistance rating that keeps them safe during harsh weather conditions. So you can purchase, install, and use them in any weather conditions.

Effect of solar string lights on the environment

First of all, if you have an environmentalist mentality, which by the way everyone should have, then there is some good news for you, which is that solar string lights have a positive impact on the environment and that they are environment friendly.

Because these outdoor lights have no connection with any electrical grid, which by the way use electricity generated from fuel emissions, instead they generate their electricity through sunlight called solar energy. And there are no fuel emissions involved in generating solar energy so it is pretty clean for the environment.

Solar string lights manufactured from cheap materials

Later, when you will be shopping for solar string lights on Amazon or at any local electronics store. You will find a lot of solar string lights that will be a lot cheaper in price than other outdoor solar string lights. Mostly, the reason behind this is that these lights are manufactured by low reputation brands that use cheap materials to cut costs.

In the purchasing period, you might get appealed more by the price of these solar string lights but they certainly do not prove to be a good investment in the long term. So always consider the brand reputation of the light that you are buying before making the purchase.

In the list below, all the solar string lights listed and reviewed are from respected manufacturers.

The lifespan of solar string lights

This might be the most critical concern of all the people who are interested in buying solar string lights.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the lifespan can vary sometimes for everyone depending on the use, cleaning, and other necessary maintenance. Aside from that, most users have been able to juice out 2-3 years from their outdoor solar string lights so for a fact they are actually quite durable.

5 Best Solar String Lights Reviews

1-  Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights

What purpose does it serve best?

Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights are the perfect solar string lights for anyone who wants to decorate their patio, gallery, bistro, or any other outdoor space that can use some fancy looking lighting.

This solar string light comes with 100 light bulbs that are strategically placed to provide maximum light. Not only are these light bulbs durable but also easy to install.


The design of the Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights is not all that different from other solar string lights. There are 100 electric bulbs installed 12 inches apart from each other on a pretty long wire. The minimal design makes it easier to carry around this solar string light. The monocrystalline solar panel which is attached separately on the ground is quite efficient as well.

What is the best attribute?

Surely Brightown Outdoor Solar String Light's low price is its best attribute. All the other quality solar string lights with all the features and quality like Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights usually cost a lot more than these solar string lights. So yes, if I had to pick the best attribute of this solar string light, although it has many great features I would go with its price.

Final verdict

There are many reasons to recommend Brightown Outdoor Solar String Light and that is exactly why I would recommend them. To explain my verdict further, I will have to show you the market a bit more. Any solar string with IP65 water resistance, high-quality materials, 8 different lighting modes, and also a very beautiful design like Brightown Outdoor Solar String Light's would definitely be almost double the price of this solar string light, so the low price factor makes this solar string light really competitive in the market. Unless your requirements seem to not get fulfilled by this solar string light, I would recommend you to buy it.


  • It has an IP65 water resistance rating.
  • The build is durable.
  • The bulbs are bright.
  • 8 different lighting modes.
  • Really affordable price.


  • The battery could use an improvement.

2- Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Light (Beat overall)

What purpose does it serve best?

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Light is a fantastic string light for installing in gardens, porches, patios, and even galleries. Its beautiful texture and design make it great for these places. It can also be installed in tight places where beautiful light is required as it only has 15 electric bulbs.


The total length of the Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Light is 48 feet which are quite long for a solar string light. On the 48 feet long string, there are 15 bulbs installed, and each bulb a distance of 3 inches from the other bulb. And the distance between the solar panel and the first bulb is also 3 inches. The great thing about this solar panel is that it is attached to the string so you can easily install it anywhere you wish to install the string lights, this includes walls, roofs, and other high places.

What is the best attribute?

The most appealing reason to buy Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Light is its 3 years warranty. Do not get me wrong, apart from the 3 years warranty, there are so many other great features that make the Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Light one of the best in the business but all of these features are also offered by other companies as well. What stands out the most about the solar string light is clearly its warranty.

This promising warranty claim definitely shows how much trust Brightech has in its product. And a confident manufacturer always proves to benefit the end-user.

Final verdict

If you are seeking a bright and aesthetically pleasing solar string light that can make your garden appear beautiful, then Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Light is the way to go.

Not only is Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Light bright looking and beautiful but it is also equipped with every necessary feature that an ideal solar string light should have. Also, this solar string light comes with a three years warranty so you can have peace of mind even after purchasing the string light.


  • Made from durable materials.
  • It has a water resistance rating.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Comes with a 3 years warranty.


  • The price is a bit high.

3- Mr Beams Solar String Light

What purpose does it serve best?

Mr Beams Solar String Light serves a little different purpose than the other solar string lights that we have reviewed up till now. Unlike the previous solar string lights which were great for lighting gardens, patios, etc. Mr Beams Solar String Light can be used to light up decks, backyards, and other spacious outdoor spaces.


The design of the Mr Beams Solar String Light is however not all that different from the previous solar string lights. There are 24 glass bulbs attached to a 54 feet string. The bulbs are placed 1.7 feet apart from each other and can brightly light up outdoor areas that are up to 11 feet long.

The solar panel is fixed separately from the string lights.

What is the best attribute?

One thing that stands out the most about Mr Beams Solar String Light is its ambient lighting that carries the potential to enhance the mood of the atmosphere. Moreover, you can also dim the lights if you are not in the mood for bright lights.

Final verdict

Mr Beams Solar String Light is indeed a great solar string light to get for decks, backyards, and other spacious outdoor spaces. It has an IP65 resistance rating which adds to its durability. Plus, the led lights that it uses are pretty bright as well.

The only problem with this solar string light is that it is quite expensive and will not fit under everyone's budget.


  • It has an IP65 water resistance rating.
  • Made from durable materials.
  • Ambient lighting.
  • Great for decks, backyards, etc.
  • The bulbs are dimmable.


  • Expensive price tag.

4- Bolansi Upgraded Outdoor Solar Led String Lights (Editor's pick)

What purpose does it serve best?

Bolansi Upgraded Outdoor Solar Led String Lights are more of an occasion friendly string lights like you can set them up for decoration as Christmas lights. Its warm white color works perfectly for lighting outdoor places on special occasions.


Similar to its light color, the shape of the electric light bulbs used in the Bolansi Upgraded Outdoor Solar Led String Lights are gorgeous as well.

There are a total of 60 rounded light bulbs that just appear pleasing to the eyes. The light bulbs are not small which makes them vibrant from far away. The total length of these string lights is 33 feet.

What is the best attribute?

Although there is a ton of great stuff to applaud about Bolansi Upgraded Outdoor Solar Led String Lights like its beautiful design and aesthetically appealing color texture of the light, 12-month money-back guarantee, 8 different lighting modes, and waterproof body. But I am not going to label any of these features of the Bolansi Upgraded Outdoor Solar Led String Lights its best feature.

Because there is one more feature that impresses me more than any of these features and that is its 1800 MAh battery which can provide you with a battery backup of 12-14 hours which is astounding since most string lights do not offer a battery backup of more than 8 hours.

Final verdict

There is no doubt that Bolansi Upgraded Outdoor Solar Led String Lights are arguably one of the better string lights available on Amazon. They have a fantastic set of features followed by an even amazing price. There is a pretty high chance that you are not going to find another solar string light that can wonderfully work as Christmas lights and wedding lights at this price point.

Not only are these lights priced really reasonably, but they also come with a 12 months replacement warranty so you can stay secure.


  • Beautiful design makes them ideal for occasions.
  • Exceptional battery backup.
  • Waterproof.
  • Affordable price.
  • 12 months replacement warranty.


  • The light bulbs are not replaceable.

5- Upoom Solar String Lights Garden (Best budget)

What purpose does it serve best?

Upoom Solar String Lights Garden's multi-colored light bulbs are fantastic for parties and casual weekend hangouts. This solar string light will add a 'funk' element to your Saturday night parties. Aside from just weekend shenanigans, Upoom Solar String Lights Garden are also pretty suitable for birthdays, and other outdoor events. Plus, you can also decorate your Christmas tree with these solar string lights.


The design of the Upoom Solar String Lights Garden is quite simple yet elegant. On a 24 feet string, there are 50 multicolored bulbs intact and that's about it. The solar panel of the Upoom Solar String Lights Garden is about 100 mA and rectangular just like most solar panels.

What is the best attribute?

There is a lot of stuff in the Upoom Solar String Lights Garden that can be talked about, which includes its great battery timing, 8 different lighting modes, 50 bright light bulbs, and water resistance. Although I am going to award the best feature of the Upoom Solar String Lights Garden to its light bulbs it will not certainly be because they are bright. In fact, I would say that the best thing about these light bulbs is that they are multicolored. This different color not only gives them an advantage during festive seasons but also makes them stay unique among other solar string lights. Since most people prefer to use multi-colored bulbs for their Christmas decoration so this solar string light could work out great for them.

Final verdict

Upoom Solar String Lights Garden seriously is really a bunch of very good solar string lights for decorations. And if you ask, I would personally prefer them for occasions over any other solar string light since I am a fan of multi-colored lighting bulbs. But maybe that is just me, and you might be more appealed by single-colored light bulbs. However, if you are like me, then these string lights are the best in my opinion. They are packed with all the essential features that a good string light should and on top of that they are quite budget for as well.


  • Multi-colored light bulbs.
  • Waterproof.
  • Equipped with 8 different modes.
  • Easy to install.
  • Affordable price.


  • The glass bulbs can break easily.



After reading the reviews of all the solar string lights. Up till now, you must have built up your mind on the solar string lights that you want to install in the outdoor areas of your home.

However, even after reading all the reviews, you are still somewhat confused about which solar string light should you get. Then, I might have the answer for you in the next paragraph.

Just a little disclaimer before you make a purchase decision based on my opinion, see there are many factors involved behind buying a solar string light for your home so this product is what I think is the best all-rounder. And the solar string light that I would personally recommend is Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Light because it has all the basic features and more including a three-year warranty which is more than enough for a user to find if a product is useful for them. That was all, hope you have a wonderful amazon shopping experience.

Article written by John Ho
Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and thorough solar-energy product guides, which will leave you confident that you have made the right purchase decision for your home.

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