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With weather-resistant design, these are the best solar address lighting on the market as reviewed by our experts.
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Written by John Ho. Last updated on November 4, 2020

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Best Solar Address Lighting

Ever been in a situation where you were supposed to be at someone's house but couldn't get there because you were not able to find their home address in the midst of the night? Then, you are not the only one out there who has gone through this menace.

Most people do not care to install address lighting at their homes, which causes distress to people visiting their homes during the night. Not only the guests and visitors are affected by the ignorant practice, but even mail carriers and delivery services fail to drop off the packages at these homes.

The major excuse people who do not use address lights put up is that they do not know anything about address lights. And some even say that address lights will add to their electricity bill.

After listening to both of these problems that these people face, I have come up with solutions to both of these problems and addressed those solutions in this article.

First of all, for the people who say that they do not know anything about address lights, I have carefully chosen the 5 best solar address lights so they can easily choose one for themselves. Secondly, to address the extra electricity bill problem, the list that I have created consists of only solar address light, which means that the lights will run on solar energy and will not add any weightage to the bill.

Moving forward, you can check out the complete list below and get rid of the no-address light problem from your home forever.

Things to know before buying a solar address solar light

In this segment, I have talked about all the aspects, issues, frequently asked questions, and all the other important information that you should know before purchasing a solar address solar light.

Read through to learn everything that is important to buy a perfect solar address light for your home.

The importance of water and dust resistance rating

Some people might not pay attention to the water and dust resistance rating while buying a solar address light. But, I strongly advise you not to make the same mistake.

Yes, it might not sound not necessary to have water and dust resistance ratings in your solar address lights; however, it absolutely is! The solar address lights stay out in the open for the whole day, which makes them exposed to all the dirt and water in the rain. And without a water and dust resistance rating, your solar address lights will most likely fall vulnerable to all of this exposed dust and water. So a wise decision would be to get a water and dust resistant lighting system in the first place.

The use of stakes

Many people do not know this, but some solar address lights also come with stakes. At thís point, you might be wondering about the use of stakes with address lights as they are only mounted on walls. However, not every address light is mounted on a wall. Some people prefer to place their solar address lighting system on the ground. They usually do this because of the lack of an appropriate wall. In this case, the stakes come in handy.

What are automatic solar address lights?

Whereas a regular solar address light might get the job done for you, an automatic solar address goes a tad further in providing you convenience - it switches on its own once the daylight departs.

So if you are lousy enough to not switch on your address light every day just like me, then automatic solar address lights are your best way to go about it.

How long do solar address lights last?

Solar address lights are pretty long-lasting. Although, you will have to juice up their rechargeable batteries from time to time. Aside from that, there is pretty much nothing else for you to worry about in a solar address light.

They can last for a decade as long as you recharge your batteries.

However, there are a lot of factors that decide the longevity of your address lights, too, like the fact that how well-built your solar address lights are, their ability to take on different types of weather conditions, etc.

Does brand matter when buying a solar address light?

Like every other product in the world, having a good brand solar address light is true in this case too. You might get a cheaper deal from a brand that has never been heard of before, but believe me, pay the extra money and go for a reputable brand. I am saying this because cheaper brands do not use good materials, and that is why they do not last long enough.

On the other hand, reputable brands invest high-quality materials in their products, which keeps them running for a long time. I endorse purchasing from good brands. That is why you will not find any product from a knock-off brand in the list below.

How to choose the best solar address light for yourself?

Even though all the solar address lights, I have created my list from are top-notch. However, the needs of people can differ from each other. And for you to find the best address light for your needs, here is a small heads-up list that you can consider consulting from.

  • Even though the use of stakes has already been mentioned above, still, I am going to put it out again that if you do not have a wall to mount your solar address lights, then make sure to buy one with stakes.
  • Suppose you live in an area where weather conditions go extreme during winter or summer seasons. Then, buy a solar address light that is resistant to snow and heat.
  • Always check the battery capacity of the address light before buying. Get one with longer battery life if you reside in an area where nights last longer than days.
  • Preferably, purchase a light with high brightness so that your address appears clearly visible even from a far off distance.

Just pay close attention to these points and also the prerequisites that I have talked about earlier, and you will be ready for your solar address light shopping.

Perks of solar address lights

Here are some of the perks you can enjoy by installing solar address lights.

  • You will never miss a mail or delivery even on pitch-black nights.
  • These lights solely run on solar energy, so your electricity bill will not be affected.
  • Solar address lights look fancy and tend to beautify the look of the main entrance to your home.

Best Solar Address Lighting Reviews

FORUP Solar Address Light

Forup Solar Address Light

What purpose does it serve best?

If you want a solar address light for your home that is not too huge and easy to handle, then FORUP solar address light is for you. You can quickly install it outside your home, or in your garden, etc. for your home visitors to locate your home address conveniently.


The overall design of FORUP solar address light is simple and ergonomic. It is made up of a single piece sign-lamp giving it a sleek look. If I had to define its design in a single, then that word would have definitely been 'mini.'

What is the best attribute?

The best quirk of this solar address light is that it gets brighter when it senses that someone is nearby. This is one of the modes that you can activate. It is extremely useful as it not only saves energy but also looks futuristic.

Also, the battery of the FORUP solar address light is rechargeable, so you will not need to change its batteries.

Final verdict

This solar address light is a great entry at the nearly $25 price range, especially if we look at all the amazing features that it offers.

You can run this light for about a decade just by recharging the batteries as this solar address light is also resistant to extreme weather conditions, so it adds a bonus.

In case you are looking for a durable address light that is compact, easy to install, and is also not too fancy when it comes to pricing, then FORUP solar address light can be the perfect fit for your requirements.

However, if you seek something much hefty and brighter, then some other options from this list might be better for you.


  • Compact size.
  • Easy to install.
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  • You have different modes to choose from.
  • Rechargeable battery.


  • It is only restricted to being mounted on walls.

LeiDrail House Number Solar Address Light (Editor's choice)

Leidrail House Number Solar Address Light

What purpose does it serve best?

Suppose you are planning to step up your game a little and want to get a tad-bit fancier solar address light for your home that stands out in your neighborhood. Then, maybe, LeiDrail is for you. The LeiDrail solar address light comes with a set of numbers and alphabets that you can plug onto the lights.

It is also fairly easy to locate during the nighttime. You can mount it in your garden or main entrance and then forget about it.


The design of LeiDrail solar address light is quite interesting because of its modern attire. There is a single solar light with LEDs that illuminate your home address during dark, and there are also a bunch of numbers and alphabet stickers that you can attach to your solar address light to write your address. In my opinion, that is pretty cool.

What is the best attribute?

The best feature that I found in this solar address light is its DIY stickers. You can do all kinds of creative stuff using these stickers to greet the guests coming over for an event at your house. For say, if you are hosting a Halloween party at your home, then you can write something goofy on your address light using DIY stickers to add to the theme of the party. These stickers can be useful and fun at the same time.

Final verdict

My final verdict on LeiDrail house number solar address light is that it is fantastic with only two exceptions. First, I am going to talk about everything that is fantastic about this solar address light. For starters, it is modern-looking, has a bright light, and comes with attachments.

However, it is important to know beforehand that if you reside in an area where it rains a lot or has extreme moisture in the air, then these stickers will not come in handy to you as they rub off upon getting wet.

Aside from this problem, this solar address light is amazing and comes at a relatively great price too.


  • It comes with DIY stickers.
  • Sleek design.
  • It produces bright light.
  • Pre-installed battery.
  • Durable.


  • Stickers are not resistant to water and moisture.

SUNGATH Solar Address Light (Best overall)

Sungath Solar Address Light

What purpose does it serve best?

The SUNGATH solar address light falls into more of a luxury category if we compare it to our previous contenders. It has different automatic light modes for you to choose from. Apart from all the fancy features, this solar address light is ideal for being mounted in gardens and sidewalks as it comes with stakes.


There is a single address sign light that you can also mount through a stake. The build is durable and water-resistant.

What is the best attribute?

I found the smart illumination feature extremely useful in SUNGATH solar address light. How it works is that it dims and brightens the light based on the time you set.

If you want the light to dim 5 hours before sunrise, then it will do that. In this way, you can end up saving a lot of energy.

Final verdict

Overall, SUNGATH solar address light is a truly capable solar address light. It has tons of smart features that you can take advantage of. Stakes also come with a light, so it can also be mounted without a wall.

Numbers and alphabets are present in the box as well. Plus, the light itself is water-resistant, so rain will not be a problem for you.

However, if we look at the price of this thing, it is significantly more expensive than all the other lights present on this list. So unless you do not require a top-notch and high-end solar address light that comes with stakes, then you can get your hands full from the other options on this list.


  • Smart illumination feature.
  • It comes with stakes.
  • Numbers and alphabets.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Bright light.
  • No wires are required.


  • Expensive.

Deeplite Solar Address Light

Deeplite Solar Address Light

What purpose does it serve best?

Deeplite solar address light is an extremely efficient solar light. It can charge and provide illumination even without the exposure of direct sunlight. Plus, it is water-resistant too. So it can display addresses all year long. It is best for areas where the sun does not come out with full glory. Deeplite solar address light is also extremely easy to install.


There is not much to say about Deeplite solar address light's design. It has a simple metal design which you can mount on walls in your garden or on a wall outside of your home.

What is the best attribute?

The efficiency of this solar address light is impressive. It can provide a running time of about 8-10 hours without getting direct sunlight.

And for people living in areas where there is not enough sunlight, this level of efficiency can really be helpful.

Final verdict

If I had to define the Deeplite solar address light in one word, that word probably would have been 'efficient.' because, in terms of efficiency, this solar address light really nukes its competition out of the water.

This solar address is not only efficient but also pretty durable. With its capabilities to resist water and dust, this thing is basically bulletproof.

And that is the reason why I highly recommend it

However, anyone who is looking for something fancy and off the hook can skip this solar address light because it does not have those qualities up its sleeves.


  • Extremely efficient.
  • It can work in low sunlight.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Bright light.
  • Sophisticated look.


  • Not enough features to play with.

Moonrays Solar Address Light (Best budget)

Moonrays Solar Address Light

What purpose does it serve best?

Someone who digs simplicity over style would love the moonrays solar address light. It comes with no bells and whistles, just a straight-up solar address light that helps people in finding your address. It can be easily mounted on walls and gardens etc. You can also place it on the ground as it comes with a stake.


The design cannot get any simpler. It has just a sign plate and LEDs that are used for illumination. Every material used in the light is high-quality.

What is the best attribute?

The thing I love most about this solar address light is its price. It comes at a bargain price if we compare it to other solar address lights. Plus, I also like its automatic illumination feature a lot - switches on the lights once it gets dark.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a solar light that is cheap and does the job for you, then the moonrays solar address light will be perfect for you.

However, if you want something shiny with modern design and fancy features, you can look away because it does not have any of these things. One other thing I should let you know about solar address light is that it is not water-resistant so take this into consideration before making the purchase to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Otherwise, it is a good durable solar address light that has the potential to run you a decade.


  • Affordable price.
  • Easy installation.
  • Automatic illumination.
  • Wireless.
  • Durable.


  • Not water-resistant.


In the section, I have tried to answer all the frequently asked questions about solar address lights. You can also comment below your question if you cannot find it here.


We have already established the importance of solar address lights and their benefits. In light of the importance of solar address lights, I also reviewed 5 solar address lights that I think are the best in the business right now.

Now that you have all of those reviews and inspected each light according to your individual needs, you should have a clear head of what you want to purchase for yourself.

However, if you are still confused and want me to shrink down the list even more, then you should keep reading.

Because if you ask me to recommend one solar address light from this list, I would recommend the SUNGATH solar address light because of its futuristic set of features. Although it is a little more expensive than other solar address lights, its features are also way ahead of the others. However, this is only my opinion, and maybe you do not wish to get a fancy solar address light, and that is completely fine.

Article written by John Ho
Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and thorough solar-energy product guides, which will leave you confident that you have made the right purchase decision for your home.

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