Best Solar Garden Lights

Written by John Ho on November 24, 2020
Best Solar Garden Lights

Are you a gardening enthusiast who thrives on making their garden prettier and prettier every passing day? Because if you are, then in this article, you will learn a great but not so notorious way of taking the aesthetic feel of your garden to the next level.

The difference that garden lights can make in enhancing the beauty of your garden is almost unrealistic. They, just not only illuminate the garden but also present a new and pleasing to the eyes look of the garden.

However, I could talk all day long about how attractive the garden with lights looks during the nighttime, but gardeners would keep bringing up the same old argument that they can't afford to install lights in their garden as they operate for the whole night and add a hefty number to their electricity bills. That is why, in this review, I have targeted this exact pain point and provided an efficient alternative.

So are you worried about seeing a hike in your electricity bill cost, too, just for the sake of satisfying your gardening passion? If so, then do not fret. Give the heart what it wants because solar garden lights are going to remove this problem from your shoulders.

Yes, you heard it right. Solar garden lights are not even hooked to the grid of your house, do not even care about them being a menace to your electricity bill. These lights solely run on self-generated solar energy through solar panels. If you want, you can learn more about how solar lights work here.

But, the important thing to know in our case is that they are the perfect answer to enhancing your garden aesthetics during the night with utmost efficiency.

Further, to help you find the best solar garden lights for your crib. I have reviewed the 5 best solar garden lights and described their quirks and specialties so you can install the one which suits best for your garden.

Instead of diving straight into the reviews, I have thrown in some of the prerequisites and benefits of solar garden lights before, so you know a bit more about solar garden lights before making a purchase decision.

The effect of solar garden lights on plants

Plants are the true essence of a garden, and I know for a fact that none of you gardening heads would trade the growth, colour, and wellness of your plants for the illumination of your garden. So, I am here to confirm that there are no harmful effects of solar garden lights on the plants, and it is totally safe to use these lights in your garden.

However, if you get a garden light that is too bright and exposed to the plants, then maybe the plants can lose some growth. Other than that, there will be no harm to your plants through garden lights. Just get garden lights that act as mood enhancers and not light blasters.

Do solar lights charge in a garden?

Usually, solar lights are not exposed to direct sunlight in gardens because of the shades from trees and big plants. This thought scares some gardeners from installing solar lights in their gardens. But, it is seriously a blown out of proportion misconception that solar lights only charge when they sit under direct sunlight.

In reality, solar lights can be charged under trees and other mild obstructions, too, because light rays from the sun still exist in these areas. However, the charging speed under a tree would be significantly slow compared to in an obstruction less area.

Will solar lights cause a bug problem in your garden?

There is no denying that solar lights attract bugs due to the fact that they use clean solar energy. A little bug party during late hours in the dark should not be an issue though in a garden, considering they will not bring any damage to your ecosystem.

However, if you walk or do gatherings in your garden at late hours and do not want to get annoyed by bugs, then a spray of pesticides a few times a week would shush the bugs away if you want to go down that path. There is an option open for you.

Does scattered water damage solar lights?

It comes with no surprise that when you install solar lights in your garden, some water is definitely going to contact the solar lights while watering plants or the garden's grass.

But, should you be worried about damaging your solar lights in the process? Absolutely not, solar lights can even bear rainwater, so there is no need to be concerned about spilling some water when gardening. Their water resisting capability holds the potential to protect them in much worse situations.

Things to consider when buying solar garden lights

These are some of the factors that you should keep in mind when purchasing a solar garden light.

Battery life

It is one of the most critical factors in making or breaking a good purchase decision. If you mess up here and get a solar light with less battery life than you require, you are going to regret your decision later.

To explain what battery size to go for if you think that you will need to run a solar light in your garden for 10 hours a night every night. So install one with a battery life capable of running more than 10 hours just to play it safe.


Brightness should be an important consideration too.

If you want mood lighting in your garden, then purchase lights with less brightness. However, if you want to go a bit flashy, high brightness should be installed to do the job then.


Nowadays, a lot of features are present in solar lights. Some are too fancy and gimmicky to be brought into daily use, and some are actually pretty useful. So it depends on your personal preference whether you want to buy something with bells or whistles or go with a more minimalistic approach.


Apart from all the factors we talked about above, durability is essential as well. No matter how good a solar garden light is in functionality, if it is not durable, the chances are that it will not last long enough.

So it is pivotal to judge the durability of a product before purchasing it. That is the reason why I have only reviewed solar garden lights made from good material. Moreover, I have mentioned the durability in the pros of lights that are too rigid in case you are looking for extra-durability.

Best Solar Garden Lights Reviews

Nekteck 2 Pack Solar Garden Light (Best overall)

What purpose does it serve best?

Nekteck 2 pack solar garden light features a 200 lumens LED solar light, which can come in handy in illuminating large sized gardens. Installing these lights is also a piece of cake, so it can be done in-house.

This light can also be adjusted in 180 degrees to shed light on multiple areas, and anyone who is seeking versatility can benefit from it.


The design comprises a total of 4 LED bulbs and solar panels. There is also a spike present on the bottom of every solar light to make the installation easier. The material used in the light is plastic.

What is the best attribute?

The reason behind putting this solar light into the list was that it is extremely easy to install in gardens. First of all, there is 2 in 1 installation. You can just insert the light in the ground with the help of its spikes, and it will sit there conveniently.

The purpose of a spike can be used most appropriately in gardens, and since we are talking about only solar garden lights in this review. I should mention it.

Final verdict

Nekteck 2 pack solar garden light is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. Its 2 in 1 technology will take a lot of weight off your hands. Plus, you can also install it easily.

So if you are an easy-going guy who likes to DIY everything, then Nekteck 2 pack solar garden light can be a great option for you. There is nothing too fancy about this light; people who like things simple will be attracted to it. On top of that, the 200 lumens of light is enough to illuminate a large portion of any massive sized garden.

Although it is not the fanciest, the automatic button and two different brightness modes should do the job. Moreover, the brand value of this solar garden light is pretty decent as well.

However, if you want something fancy and self-operating, Nekteck 2 pack solar garden light might not suit your taste.


  • Easy to install.
  • Bright light.
  • Two different lighting modes.
  • Automatic switch.
  • Minimal design.
  • Good brand value.
  • Water-resistant.


  • The light illuminated is not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Solar Garden Light

What purpose does it serve best?

Unlike many other solar lights that are made from plastic, BEAU JARDIN 8 pack solar light takes a more premium approach. It uses full metal and glass on the exterior of the light, which makes its body look and feels much more extravagant than any plastic made body. Not only is glass and metal more premium quality than plastic, but it is also much more durable.

So even though this solar light does not come cheap at all, but if you want to take your garden's status to the luxury standard, then these garden pathway lights will be the perfect fit to do that.


As BEAU JARDIN 8 pack solar garden light is designed to be installed in pathways. Its design language is also quite similar to a traditional path light. On top of the light, a solar panel is provided to take maximum advantage of the sunlight. Below the solar panel lies the light composed of a single LED, which produces 6 lumens of bright white light.

At the bottom of the light, a stake is given to install the complete solar garden light in the ground.

What is the best attribute?

After the premium feel of this solar garden light, the attribute that I love the most is its high efficiency. It can power from 8 to 12 hours purely on solar energy, which is really impressive.

Basically, you can leave this light on for the whole night, and there will be still some charge left in it in the morning. The efficiency of the BEAU JARDIN 8 pack solar garden light is truly applaudable.

Final verdict

Hear me out on this one. BEAU JARDIN 8 pack solar garden light is not for everyone, especially considering the price that it comes at. But, the only reason why I have put this on the list is that firstly it packs all the features of fantastic solar light and more, and secondly, not everyone is on a penny-pinching stage in their lives. Some people are ready to pay the extra price for a premium feeling product that will make their garden stand out from everyone else's. The same reason why Rolls Royce sells thousands of cars every year. Just because a product costs more does not mean that you should count it out of the picture, especially when the price is justified because of the expensive material that is used in making the product.

So if you are one of those people who are willing to pay the extra money to get standout from the crowd, then BEAU JARDIN 8 pack solar garden light is surely the option where you should be investing in.


  • It is made from premium materials.
  • Automatic.
  • White light.
  • Long battery life.
  • Easy to install.


  • Expensive.

GreenLighting (8 Pack) Low Profile LED Solar Garden Post Cap Lights

What purpose does it serve best?

GreenLighting low profile solar garden caps are great for installing as a welcoming light in your garden. It is primarily mood lighting; you will not be getting too bright light, which hurts the eyes from these caps.

You can install these lights on any pole without any issue, and it will stay there for a reasonable period. The durability of these caps is excellent as well.


On the roof of the solar garden cap, there is a solar panel baked to extract light rays from the sun efficiently. The overall body is slim. That is why LEDs are adjusted in the middle in an ergonomic manner. Rest, on the bottom, lies the structure to install the light on the pole.

What is the best attribute?

If I have to choose the best attribute of this solar light, I would definitely go with its ability to illuminate the garden poles and latches lightly. I mean, there are plenty of solar lights out there that can fully illuminate your garden. The fact that GreenLighting (8 Pack) Low Profile LED Solar Garden Post Cap Lights is one of the few lights which are focused on uplifting the raw look of your garden sets it apart from the competition.

Final verdict

Suppose you want to install a light cap in your poles to enhance the experience of your garden. Then GreenLighting (8 Pack) Low Profile LED Solar Garden Post Cap Lights are the right way to go about it because not only are these lights efficient and weather-resistant but also pretty durable. However, if you do not want to go down the path of planting mood lighting in your garden, instead you want to go full swing, then you would be better off buying any other option from this list.


  • It does mood lighting.
  • Durable.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Efficient charging.


  • It requires poles for installation.

Homeimpro Garden Solar Lights (Editor's choice)

What purpose does it serve best?

Homeimpro Garden Solar Lights is easily one of the best solar lights to install for decorative purposes. It is designed to attract people to the garden. The material used in building the light speaks of luxury as well. Not only is the built quality of the light modern and luxurious, but it is also packed with tons of useful features, like an automatic ON switch, weather resistance, and more.


The unique and beautiful looking design of the Homeimpro Garden Solar Lights is surely its selling point. On the topmost portion of the body, there is a round LED sitting on a moon-shaped structure to make the light look pleasing to the eyes. The moon structure is beautifully carved out with small designs which look spectacular during the night when the LED light is running.

Below the moon structure, the solar system of the garden light is present, which takes about 8 hours to charge the light fully. There is also a stake fitted to make the light stand tall.

What is the best attribute?

Without a doubt, the eye-catching design of Homeimpro Garden Solar Lights is its best attribute. What leaves me amazed is the fact that how many eyes you turn after installing this solar garden light in your garden.

It is the type of solar light that people stop and ask you questions about, like where did you get it? How much was it for? Etc while gazing at your garden. It does that good of a job of enticing eyes, and that is why the design of this solar garden light deserves to be its absolute best attribute.

Final verdict

My verdict about Homeimpro Garden Solar Lights, if you want a fancy solar light solely for decorating your garden and you do not have a problem with less battery life because you will only be using these garden lights occasionally. Then, Homeimpro Garden Solar Lights would suit you perfectly. But, if you do want a solar garden light to lift the aesthetic look of your garden, but you can't compromise on less battery life, then staying away from this light is what I would recommend to you.


  • Beautiful moon design.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • 180 days warranty.
  • Stakes.
  • Automatic ON switch


  • It offers just 6 hours of running time on a full charge.

WOSPORTS 3 Pack Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Stake Flower Lights (Best budget)

What purpose does it serve best?

WOSPORTS 3 Pack Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Stake Flower Lights, although they serve the same aesthetics improving purpose as the previous two solar garden lights that I reviewed. However, it is a little from those two lights. It comes in 7 different colours ( Red, Green, Blue, Cyan-blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple), and the body of the light is also shaped like a lily flower to make it blend in the garden and at the same time provide beautiful textures in the atmosphere.

So it's a solar garden light that will not be screaming its presence at the people but would be making the garden look fancy.


The design of the WOSPORTS 3 Pack Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Stake Flower Lights is really similar to that of a lily flower. In the middle of the flower, small LEDs are engraved for illumination.

On the bottom, there is a stake present, which acts as the stem of the light and keeps it uptight.

What is the best attribute?

I would definitely complement the battery life of WOSPORTS 3 Pack Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Stake Flower Lights especially considering its compact size. The manufacturer promises an 8-hour running time, which is fantastic.

And since these lights are mainly used for decoration for a few hours and not for illumination for the whole night. 8 hours of battery backup is fantastic.

Final verdict

Want something small and sparkling but not too vivid to decorate your garden? WOSPORTS 3 Pack Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Stake Flower Lights is the closest product you will get to for fulfilling your conditions. It would make your garden look magnitude with its bright colours.

You also have a lot of options to choose from. All the seven colours can be utilized if you want fo to go all out in making your garden shine.

Plus, the light is also weather-resistant and offers stunning battery life, so there is no reason not to buy it if you want to catch some eyes immediately. The lights are not even expensive, unlike the other fancy lights that are available in the market, so that adds as a bonus too.


  • Blends with the flowers in your garden.
  • Good battery hours.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Easy to install.
  • Decorative with seven different colors.
  • Affordable.


  • Can't illuminate large areas in gardens.



So far, you have learned everything that you should know before purchasing a solar garden light. Further, I also reviewed 5 of the best solar garden lights so that you can choose the one which suits you best and make the decision much easier on yourself.

However, if you still were not able to clear the fog after reading all the reviews and still have some confusion about which solar garden light you should get.

Then, I have picked out the solar garden light from the list that is best, in my opinion. You can buy it, and it will probably do whatever you want your solar garden light to do.

And the solar garden light that made the final cut is the Nekteck 2 Pack Solar Garden Light. I think that it is the complete solar light ever made for gardens. It has a minimal design, plus it is automatic too. On top of that, it also packs all the essential features like weather resistance and good battery life. You can also easily install this solar garden light as a DIY project and enjoy bright light all night long.

Article written by John Ho
Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and thorough solar-energy product guides, which will leave you confident that you have made the right purchase decision for your home.

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