Best Solar Night Lights

Written by John Ho on November 22, 2020
Best Solar Night Lights

Long and misty nights creep the hell out of everyone. This is mainly because longer nightfalls mean pitch black outdoor areas. And it comes with no surprise that pitch-black outdoor nights are a straight invitation for robbers, thieves, and lock pickers. Even if you reside in a posh gated community with no chances of any intruder roaming around your house, nightfalls are still no walk in the park for you because the visitors and delivery guys coming at your house during the night still find it challenging to locate your house if it's camouflaged in the midst of darkness.

Night lights are the way to go to avoid bleak nightfalls. They illuminate the outdoor areas of your house and make your house appear glowy and limpid even during the longest nights.

Hold up, what if I suggest an even better alternative for illuminating your house than simple night lights - solar night lights. They are literally the best option you can choose for lighting up your outdoor areas for plenty of reasons, which I have listed below.

Other than the benefits of these lights, I have also reviewed the top 5 best solar night lights that you can install in your house to make it glow in the dark.

Benefits & Perquisites of Solar Night Lights

In this section, I am going to state all the benefits of using solar night lights in your house over traditional night lights.

After that, I will walk you through all the prerequisites of solar night lights so you can select the best one for yourself from the list given below.

Benefits of using solar night lights

  • First of all, they are eco-friendly as they use renewable energy to run.
  • They do not use power from the grid; thus, your electricity bill is not affected by their use.
  • You are independent of any grid while using solar bulbs.
  • Solar night lights require less maintenance as they operate off the grid.

Now that you have learned all the benefits, it is time to know the prerequisites.

Does brand reputation matter in solar night lights?

I cannot emphasize more on the fact of how important the brand of the solar night light you are buying is. Many people fall under the impression that they can get away with a cheap solar night light, and there is no need to buy an expensive one from a reputable company.

However, I vouch against this thinking. Based on my prior experiences, the expensive solar lights prove to be a much better purchase decision in the long run. They last longer and do not cause any problems during their lifetime. On the other hand, solar night lights from shady brands tend to fall behind as they break down many times. The reason behind this performance lag of solar night lights from low-grade brands is the cheap material that is used in manufacturing them to cut corners. So always purchase the product from a well-known manufacturer even if you have to bump up your budget a bit because they benefit in the long-term.

Are solar night lights water and weather resistant?

I get asked this question a lot - can we leave our solar lights out in the rain? The answer to this question is yes. You can leave your lights out in the rain because they are water-resistant. However, if you live in an area where the weather gets freezing, and there is snowfall, then you can still leave your lights outside, but proper cleaning of solar night lights from time to time is needed so that the solar panels do not get covered with snow. The same instructions go for dusty areas.

What are automatic solar night lights?

Few people get dazzled by the word 'automatic' in solar night lights. Well, to be fair, it is a pretty neat feature to have in solar lights. How it works is that it automatically turns on the solar light once the daylight departs and then turns off the lights after the sun is out.

In this way, sufficient energy is saved. So if you are too lazy to turn on and turn off your solar lights at the right time, you should definitely go with automatic night lights. They will not only illuminate your house once it's dark but will also save tons of energy.

Solar night lights with long battery life

If you live in an area where the nights last for an unusually long time, then solar night lights with long battery life would be perfect for you.

Because if you go for a solar night light with mediocre battery life, its battery can maybe burn out before the sunrise of the next day. This is why I recommend people to purchase solar night lights of large batteries for winters and long nights.

Can solar night lights be charged without sunlight?

There is a wrong perception that solar night lights can only be charged with sunlight. However, this thought is totally false. Solar lights can be charged with regular electricity if you hook them with the grid.

So if you are nervous about buying solar lights because of continuous overcast days in your area, then there is no need to. You can charge and use solar lights, just like traditional lights.

Can solar night lights charge on a cloudy day?

Again, there is a misconception that solar night lights only charge during a cloudy day. However, this is not true. You can charge solar lights during cloudy days, too. Although the charging speeds would differ from that of a sunny day, it is do-able.

Bright solar night lights

Though all solar night lights are meant for illumination, some produce exceptionally bright light, which is ideal for lighting large areas.

So if you are looking to illuminate large areas around your house, then these bright lights should be your go-to.

In the same way, if you do not want to illuminate large areas and feel that bright lights will cause a nuisance, then you should stay away from them.

Best Solar Night Lights Reviews

As I have discussed all the essential prerequisites for solar night lights, it is now time to review the lights.

AMIR Solar Powered String Night Light (Best budget)

What purpose does it serve best?

AMIR's solar-powered string night lights are perfect for Instagram pictures. These lights are not made for illuminating the outside areas of houses like crazy. In fact, they are best for beautifying the look of the house. Scattered bulbs wired on a copper wire give a 360 degree viewing so fancy that it attracts many eyeballs.

That is the reason why I referred to these lights as Instagram friendly. You can just hook them up outside of your house and shamelessly give away your favorite pose for your ultimate Instagram post.


As this solar night light falls in the category of string lights, so it consists of many cute little bulbs held to a top-notch quality copper wire. The wire is there to make the lights wrap around objects like the branches of trees, which is adorable.

There is also a solar panel connected with the light, particularly because it runs on solar power.

What is the best attribute?

The best attribute of AMIR solar powered string night light is that it is so cheap yet so expensive-feeling. Hear me out. This solar light comes at almost the price of its competitors; still, it is not composed of cheap materials at all. Actually, it feels expensive. The quality of the bulbs and wire is top-notch.

Contradictory to its price, you can still stand in front of this solar night light and get a banger Instagram picture.

So what I absolutely love about this solar light is that although the price of this thing is drastically low. However, it does not feel cheap at all.

Final verdict

There is absolutely no reason not to recommend AMIR solar powered string light unless you are looking for something that can illuminate the outside areas of your house like a solar floodlight.

In that case, these 200 light bulbs might fall short in getting your job done. Otherwise, the thing is basically flawless. It is first of well really cheap, and despite being cheap packs, all the high-quality materials. Then this solar night is also IP65 water-resistant so that you can leave it out in the open during rainy days.

And lastly, my favorite part about this night light is that it just enhances the aesthetics of the house a lot. I mean, it makes the house look absolutely gorgeous from the outside, so if you want to take the overall look of your house up a notch, you should not even look into other options.


  • Add to the aesthetics of the house.
  • Water-resistant.
  • High-quality materials used.
  • Bright 360 degrees view.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Eight different modes.
  • Sensor.


  • Not expandable.

URPOWER Solar Night Lights (Best overall)

What purpose does it serve best?

Unlike the previous product, URPOWER can't just wrap onto objects. Instead, they come with spikes that are used to stick them onto walls and other high areas.

This solar night light is ideal for areas where bright light is needed in a particular direction. You can easily set them up in a specific direction and also rotate if required. Its high brightness setting is capable of producing 200 lumens, which is perfect for illuminating large areas around the house.


URPOWER solar night light has a unique two in one design, which means that there are actually two light heads in a single light, each mounting six LEDs. Furthermore, there are spikes given with each light head to mount them on the ground.

The solar panel is present on the topside on the back of both heads.

What is the best attribute?

There are a lot of great things about this solar night light, but the one which I found exceptionally good was its battery life. It has fantastic battery life. Each of the light heads has a 2200 mAH battery in it. These two separate batteries are the reason why the battery life of URPOWER solar night light lasts for about 8 hours on reduced settings. There is no other battery in this price range that offers this good battery life with such top-notch performance.

Final verdict

You can't go wrong buying a URPOWER solar night light. I am saying this because it is a complete package. You will not find a more power-focused solar night light than this one, with exceptional battery life, water resistance, bright lights, and more. URPOWER makes it so easy for me to recommend their solar night light. You should definitely buy it, especially if you are looking for a solar night light that is packed with power.

However, if you do not want a solar night light with marginally good battery life and at the same time want something light and flexible. Then this solar night light is not intended for your needs.


  • Exceptional battery life.
  • It produces 200 lumens of bright light.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Two brightness settings.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to install.


  • The weight is quite heavy.

AOOTEK 182 LED Solar Night Light

What purpose does it serve best?

AOOTEK 182 LED solar night light uses a total of 128 LEDs to produce light. All of these LEDs can be operated automatically thanks to the motion sensor installed in the light. The brightness of the light is sufficient to illuminate the outside areas of the house brightly.

The purpose in which this solar night light can be best used is to brighten driveways, porches, etc.

Its motion-sensing technology will light up the LEDs on tracking a car or person.


AOOTEK 182 LED solar night light's design is not the best in terms of aesthetics. However, it is quite practical—the square-shaped body packs around 182 LEDs, which is impressive for the size of the body. On the front end of the light, a solar panel is also integrated in a manner that looks flushed with the LEDs and is not obtrusive at all.

What is the best attribute?

I like the fact that this solar night light is packed with modern features. Firstly, there is a motion sensor present in the light which detects objects around the light and turns it on automatically.

However, the futuristic touch in AOOTEK 182 LED solar night light does not end here. There are also three modes for you to choose from. You can play with them and permanently toggle the one which works best for you. On top of the three modes and motion sensors, the ergonomic design of this light also speaks of innovation, which is terrific, especially for a night light.

Final verdict

First, here is a recap of AOOTEK 182 LED solar night light; it has motion sensors, three modes, 182 LED lights, and bright light. There is a catch. Remember when I said that this night light is ideal for driveways and porches. There was a reason behind it - it can only be installed on high walls like above garage gates, main gates, etc.

So here is the deal, if you are seeking a solar night light that can produce bright light from high walls to the ground, then this light is the nail in the wood for you. However, if you want to install your night light in an underlying area, you should definitely look into other options because AOOTEK 182 LED solar night light was not designed for that application.


  • Motion sensor
  • Three modes of lighting.
  • Bright light.
  • Practical design.


  • It can only be installed on high walls.

LITOM 12 LED Solar Night Light

What purpose does it serve best?

LITOM 12 LED solar night light is quite practical and versatile. It can actually be used in various areas outdoors. You can install it on the ground with the help of stakes or just mount it on a wall with the help of the screws that come with the light.

All of these different installation techniques give LITOM 12 LED solar night light a little edge in terms of practicality. This solar night light can be used in gardens, porches, main gates, backyards, and many other outdoor places. At the same time, you can also adjust this light to 90 degrees, so flexibility is also not an issue with this light. So apparently, this 12 LED solar night light can come in handy in fulfilling a whole lot of objectives.


The design of the LITOM 12 LED solar night light is how it sounds. It packs 12 LEDs with a solar panel baked in the lights to make it look clean. On the lower side of the light lies a spike to plant the solar light safely. That is all for the design. You will not see any bells and whistles in this department.

What is the best attribute?

Without a second thought, I can confirm that the battery life of the LITOM 12 LED solar night light is its selling point. I mean, this thing can rock you a solid 12 hours on low lighting mode, which is really, really impressive considering the small size of its body. In high lighting mode, it can power you through 6 hours without any hiccups, which is a pretty solid number too. Anyways, you will not require high lighting mode very often as the low lighting mode is sufficiently bright on its own.

Final verdict

If you like your lights basic, then you would love to use LITMO 12 LED solar night light. It checks out all the essentials of good solar light, however, does not pack any modern features like motion sensor, fancy light modes, etc. Despite lacking all of these features, the performance and massive battery life of this light make up for it.

But, still, if you are someone who likes living fancy, then you can keep your hands away from this option and go for something that gives a more modern feel.


  • Excellent battery life.
  • Versatile.
  • Two lighting modes.
  • Bright lights.
  • Easy installation.
  • 90 degrees rotation.


  • No sensors.

Brightech Ambience Pro String Night Light (Editor's pick)

What purpose does it serve best?

Want to add the retrospect to the outdoor area of your house? If so, then you simply can't find a solar night light that can do a better job than Brightech ambience pro string night light. It is almost like this light was made to add cool-mood to the atmosphere. It has the ability to uplift your mood after a long tiring day. Apart from being beautiful, these lights are also pretty weather resistant and can bear extreme weather conditions. So no matter what the weather situation is, you can chill under these lights and brush your day off.


There are seven bulbs planted three feet apart from each other on a hanging wire. You can hang these bulbs on any object. That is all for its design—nothing off the charts.

What is the best attribute?

Before I talk about the best attribute of this night light, I would like to bring up its automatic on/off feature as an honorable mention so that it does not go unnoticed.

Now let's talk about the absolute selling point of this light, which is its mood engaging capability. This is the feature of Brightech ambience pro that you should be focused on when buying one.

Its potential to beautify the outdoor area in which it is installed sets it apart from every other night light in this list.

Final verdict

To put it in simple words, if someone comes up to me and says that they are looking for a solar night light for their patio, pool area, or any other leisure outdoor place. I would suggest them to buy Brightech ambience pro string night light without a blink of an eye. This light is good for illuminating those areas. In fact, Brightech ambience pro string night light is the only solar light to have if you want something like a mood enhancer. On top of that, it is weather-resistant, comes with three years of warranty, and is automatic as well. So that acts as a bonus. However, I would have still recommended this light for outdoor decoration even if it did not have any of the above features.


  • Brilliant for outdoor decoration.
  • IP65 weather-resistant.
  • Fairly bright.
  • Great material.
  • Automatic.


  • Expensive for string lights.



Solar night lights are a great and efficient way to illuminate outdoor areas around your house without a shadow of a doubt.

And, after reading through all of the reviews, you must have got an idea about which solar light would suit best your need.

However, if you still have your doubts about what solar night light would work best in your case. Then, moving on, I have tried to clear the fog further and have knit picked the best of the best solar night light, which works ideally in almost all conditions.

There is no need to get on the edge of your seat because I am going to state that light in the next sentence. And the most optimal solar night light, in my opinion, is URPOWER solar night light. It basically has all the traits of an excellent solar light, excellent battery life, bright light, durability, a high and low brightness setting, and water resistance. You can expect everything from this light that you look for in a high-end solar light. The cherry on top is that the URPOWER solar night light is not even expensive.

Article written by John Ho
Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and thorough solar-energy product guides, which will leave you confident that you have made the right purchase decision for your home.

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