What is a Solar Light

Written by John Ho on November 3, 2020
What is a Solar Light

In our age, where every natural resource on this planet that is a source of producing energy is slowly reaching its brink, we are only left with one option - to find a way to harness energy for our endless needs from an inexhaustible source.

And unfortunately, there is no single resource present on this planet that can provide us with an unlimited energy supply.

But, if we start looking outside of our planet, there are endless sources of energy. And the one source outside of our planet our scientists have been able to extract energy from is the sun. The solar energy extracted from the sun is considered the most efficient energy available right now.

Not only is it the most efficient way of generating energy, but as we know that the sun has been burning for millions of years and will probably continue to burn for millions of years more, so we can sit assured on the fact that the sun will not be going anywhere any time soon. In fact, solar energy can be our answer to the whole 'save the planet' fiasco.

However, to make use of this form of renewable energy to sustain life on our planet, solar products are needed to harness the sun's energy.

One of these solar products is solar lights, on which we are going to talk about in-depth in this article. So your question 'what is a solar light' gets answered.

What are solar cells?

Solar cells are an essential component of solar lights. Without solar cells, solar lights can not function at all on solar energy.

On solar lights, there are many solar cells attached. What these solar cells do is that they absorb the light rays coming from the sun, and then they convert those light rays into solar energy. Of course, the process is not at all that simple, but I have just given an overview.

Solar cells are what make solar lights different from normal lights. If we remove the solar cells from solar lights, they will lose their ability to generate solar energy.

However, the solar cells can work solely in daylight because the light rays of the sun are only present during the day time.

How are solar cells made?

Solar cells are made with positively charged spaces and negatively charged electrons. Once the light rays of the sun touch the surface of the solar cells, the electrons move to the positive spaces, thus generating energy since the flow of electrons is the mere 'phenomenon' which creates electricity. Obviously, the process does not end here. There are a lot of other factors that come into play, which we are going to discuss when we will talk about the role of batteries in solar lights.

The negatively charged electrons and positively charged spaces are jotted into solar cells by the use of chemicals.

What is a Solar Light?

To put it simply, if you know what regular lights are, then you will not have a hard time understanding solar lights either. The only difference between solar light and a normal light is that a solar light runs on solar energy, while a normal light runs from conventional energy. There is no need to complicate things further. Just keep this in mind to differentiate between the two types of lights.

Use of battery in a solar light

The process of converting light rays into energy can only occur during the daytime. However, the use of solar lights is needed after sunset. So, in order to overcome this restriction, a battery is used to store the energy created during the daytime for it to be utilized once darkness climbs in.

What happens is when the solar cells convert the light rays into energy. The energy travels through wires connected to the solar cells towards the battery. In this way, the battery stores electricity.

Once the nighttime is there, the solar cells come at a hiatus and stop generating electricity. From this point onwards, solar lights run on the hoarded electricity that is stored in the battery all day long.

Things to watch out for during the energy storing process

There are certain factors that you should know about the energy-storing process of solar lights.

  1. Solar lights store energy best when they are directly exposed to sunlight. So to receive the maximum performance from your solar during the nighttime, make sure that you place your solar lights in direct sunlight and not under a tree or any other shady area.
  2. The solar lights' surface containing the solar cells that help generate solar energy should stay clean during the energy generation hours. People do not pay much attention to this, and the surface of their solar lights are either covered with dust, leaves, or bird poop. This reduces the efficiency of the solar light. It is always best to check for dirt on your solar lights during daylight hours.
  3. Weather conditions have a significant impact on the efficiency of your solar lights. In the summer season, the sun glooms in its full glory throughout the day, due to which the solar lights charge smoothly. However, during the winter season, the situation is quite different, the sun barely shines during the daytime, and there are fewer light rays reaching the surface of the solar cells. This hurdle interferes with the charging speed of solar lights, and the capacity of energy present in the battery during the night time reduces.
    If a situation similar to this one occurs in your area in the winter season, then the best practice is to run the solar light by connecting it to the grid of your home. This is the best way you can relieve some load off the battery of your solar lights.
  1. It is essential to check the total capacity of the battery when buying one for your solar light. Sometimes, people purchase batteries of capacities less than what they require, and then they have to get a new one once they realize.

Types of solar lights

Now that you understood the complete working process and the components that come into play during the process in solar lights. We can move on to discuss the types of solar lights that are available in the market right now.

Also, we will discuss the specific uses of all of these different types of solar lights.

Outdoor solar lights

Given their name, the solar lights that are used on the outskirts of a house, farm, building, etc. are known as outdoor solar lights.

These types of solar lights are usually more bright as they are supposed to cover vast areas.

Outdoor solar lights not only look more fancy compared to normal lights because they do not have a bundle of wires wrapped around them but are also far more efficient than normal outdoor lights, given that they use solar energy String lights, solar bulbs, solar lights, and more all fall under the banner of outdoor floodlights.

You can learn in-depth about all the different types of outdoor solar lights here.

Indoor solar lights

The other use of solar lights is in indoor areas, and the type of solar lights that we use to light up the indoor areas are regarded as indoor solar lights.

Indoor solar lights usually do not require a higher lumens rating because they are only used to light up small areas. These solar lights are used as study table lamps, small bulbs, emergency lights, and more.

Compared to outdoor solar lights, there are many lesser options when it comes to indoor lights. Some of the lamps that are included in the solar indoor lighting system are solar hideout lamps, solar emergency lights, and more.

To learn more about indoor solar lights, you can check this article out.

Advantages of solar lights

We have already mentioned a lot of the reasons why one should consider installing solar lights. To take it a step further, I have compiled a list of all the advantages of solar lights that you can next time show to someone who is skeptical about solar lights.

  • The solar lights operate through solar energy, so they can surely cut a considerable portion of your electricity bill.
  • Solar lights are, most importantly, eco-friendly.
  • The maintenance cost of solar lights is next to none.
  • There are no wires wrapped around solar lights, which makes them look flushed in gardens, lawns, and other outdoor aesthetics.
  • Solar lights are versatile and can be used for various purposes.


With the ever-increasing problem of high-pollution is increasing, people are becoming more inclined towards buying eco-friendly products. And, undoubtedly, the solar light is one of the finest eco-friendly products available right now.

Its capability to harness energy from the sun and then utilize it during the nighttime makes it stand out among the folks who advocate the slogan of 'eco-friendly' living. Apart from the fact that solar lights are good for the environment, they have other endless benefits too, which are luring people into buying them.

Soon, more than half of the population will switch to solar lights, and the solar industry will blow up. Just a heads up for you, why not step in the facade earlier, so you can also chant 'I did it first' once it does take off.

Article written by John Ho
Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and thorough solar-energy product guides, which will leave you confident that you have made the right purchase decision for your home.

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